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MetaCreats NFT #5 more MMs come into the NFT space

Blur MMs、Binance AI NFT、TwelveFold、Dookey Dash Key、Korea’s Lotte、The Sandbox 、3AC NFT、Base

1、Blur founder @PacmanBlur tweeted that the vast majority of volume in traditional markets and token markets come from a handful of market makers (literally less than 10). Trading activity from MMs looks very different than trading activity from collectors.

Before Blur there were very few MMs in NFTs. @franklinisbored and @machibigbrother

are some of the first MMs to trade with size (relatively speaking). They are akin to the Jump's and Jane Street's of NFTs. As the space matures you will see more MMs come into the space.

It's important for everyone to understand the dynamics at play. MMs are not wash traders. They provide liquidity and make a profit on the spread around the true price of an asset. Every trade they make comes at a cost in the form of royalties paid to Creators.

Their activity will look different than activity NFT enthusiasts are used to. But their entrance allows more players to come into the space. The liquidity they provide makes it safer to buy into new collections, which leads to more volume, and more revenue for Creators.

The token world exploded as improvements to the infrastructure and liquidity allowed the space to grow. NFTs are about to see a massive surge of growth as well, and the entrance of market makers is just the start.

2、Here’s a fun new Binance AI product called Bicasso You can turn your creative visions nto NFTs with AI. Give it a try and show me what you make with it. Beta version live now, limited to 10k mints.

CZ 在推特宣布 Binance AI NFT 生成产品 Bicasso Beta 版本现已上线。Bicasso 可利用 AI 技术将用户的创想生成 NFT,铸造上限为 1 万枚。

3、Yuga Labs drops bitcoin-based NFT collection TwelveFold

Yuga Labs announced the launch of TwelveFold, a collection of 300 generative art pieces inscribed onto Bitcoin blockchain satoshis.

The process is made possible through the Ordinal Theory protocol, with such NFTs simply donning the name "ordinals."

Each of the art pieces, generated by Yuga Labs using 3D modeling technology among other techniques, will be available to purchase in an auction held later this week. All bids will be made in bitcoin.

4、Winning Dookey Dash Key Sold for $1.6M

The one-of-one "Golden Key" was earned by receiving the highest score on Yuga Labs' skill-based NFT game Dookey Dash last month.

Twitch streamer Kyle Jackson sold his winning Dookey Dash key for 1,000 ETH (about $1.6 million), he agreed to sell the pass to Adam Weitsman, the CEO of New York-based scrap metal shredding company Upstate Shredding, via OpenSea.

The Dookey Dash game was available to holders of a Sewer Pass NFT, which could be claimed for free by BAYC/MAYC members. Gameplay was open from Jan. 18 to Feb. 15 and raked in 40,328 ETH (about $66 million) in total volume so far, according to OpenSea.

5、South Korea’s Lotte Group partners with Polygon for global NFT drive

Lotte Group plans to expand its NFT business onto the global market through a partnership with the Polygon blockchain.

BellyGom NFTs, first minted in August 2022 on the Klaytn network, gives holders benefits related to Lotte’s products and services, such as hotel vouchers or discount coupons for shopping. The rebranded collection BellyGom NFT Season 2, The company is still working on the project and doesn’t have a date for the release of the collection, a Daehong spokesperson said. The actual operation of the BellyGom NFT project will not be run by the Polygon Foundation, but existing NFTs will be migrated to Polygon.

6、The estimated value of the 3AC NFT sale is 6.28K ETH (~$10.3M)

Including: 30 Fidenza, est. total value of 4K ETH 11 CryptoPunks, est. value 1.69K ETH 17 Ringers, est. value 1.38K ETH

7、Maximizing Profits Will ‘Kill’ Web3: Animoca Brands Chairman

Animoca Brands is the company behind NFT game The Sandbox.

Creator royalties provide an ongoing revenue stream to NFT projects beyond their initial sales typically a 5% to 10% cut when a token is resold and many companies are now being led astray, Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu at NFT Paris. This is all about grabbing market share, and it’s at the expense of the creators, that the recent shift away from royalties is wrong for many, many reasons.

8、The vision of Base is to bring 1B+ people onchain. The Base is a new Ethereum L2, incubated by Coinbase.

For the next 5 days, will be evolving the artwork on Base, Introduced‘ NFT to tell the story of the builders who will make that happen. Check your NFT for the latest evolution every day from now until 3/6.



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