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Music NFT Launchpad

Getting started with Music NFTs is hard.

Whether it’s the terminology, curation or cost - artists need support to become acclimated with the web3 community.

I have learned first hand the importance of moving with intentionality as we build a more diverse and inclusive space for creators new to web3.

To this notion, I’m excited to launch the Music NFT Launchpad  - a cohort of 10 artists brought together to learn about web3 and mint their first Music NFT.

The Launchpad features:

  • A month-long education program
  • Weekly workshops
  • Guest lectures
  • Private chat group
  • Application support
  • Gas reimbursements

All with the single goal to help musicians mint and sell their first Music NFT.

The program will prioritize underrepresented creators, and was created with no barriers to entry. The Launchpad is a free opportunity designed as a way to prepare creators for success in web3.

If you’re interested in joining, please apply here - or read below to learn more.

What is the Music NFT Launchpad?

The Launchpad is meant to provide a safe space for creators to join web3 and create open dialog for artists new to Music NFTs.

It will feature guest lectures from those with experience in the space, along with an opportunity to meet and grow with other creators cultivating new relationships within web3.

The program will cover everything from web3 fundamentals to the ever-evolving Music NFT platforms, community and culture.

The Mission

The Music NFT Launchpad attempts to create opportunities to succeed in web3.

As someone dedicated to building equality and accessibility, this is my intention to make an impact in the Music NFT community.

Introducing the Music NFT Launchpad

Minting your first Music NFT can be confusing, costly and overwhelming.

This cohort offers a focused course on the current landscape, and the means to mint your first Music NFT.

It will break down web3 language and culture, providing context to terms and norms used daily within the space.

Participants are encouraged to engage in relevant dialog and discussion as we shape the Music NFT community that we want to exist in.

The cohort will meet over one month. Each participant is expected to engage in four, one-hour long sessions to be scheduled in accordance with the availability of the group.

Applicants will be nominated by the Music NFT community and selected by a curated committee of benefactors including:

The goal is to give participants a thorough understanding of the Music NFT community and the platforms that enable them.

Artists will be able to mint their first NFT at no cost, and provide them with channels to distribute in a meaningful fashion.

By the end of the program, each creator should feel confident about communicating Music NFTs to their network, and selling their first piece.

The Curriculum

Over the course of a month, participants will engage in weekly workshops with the following curriculum.

Week 1: NFTs and the Fundamentals

  • Panel on the ethos and importance of NFTs.
  • Expectations and risks of web3.
  • Understanding the concept of fungibility.
  • Setting up a non-custodial wallet.
  • Explaining gas costs and transaction nonce.
  • Setting up an ENS.
  • Web3 terminology and acronyms.

Week 2: Music NFT Landscape

  • Why Music NFTs?
  • What a “Music NFT” entails
  • Key platforms with pros/cons
  • Key resources
  • Custom Smart Contracts
  • Evolution of Music NFTs
  • Community Members
  • Collector DAOs
  • Web3 Labels

Week 3: Getting Started with Music NFTs

  • Platform applications
  • Venice Music Group (Free membership)
  • Apply for FWB Local (+5 FWB when accepted)
  • Community Events (SongCamp heartbeat)
  • Water & Music Research Reports
  • Case Studies

Week 4: Music NFT Distribution

  • Best practices on distribution and communication.
  • How to price your Music NFT.
  • How to market your NFT.
  • Do’s and don’ts.

All participants will be reimbursed the cost of their Music NFT along with membership tokens to eligible web3 communities if accepted.

Communication will take place via a private, invite-only Telegram channel.

Closing Thoughts

The Music NFT Launchpad looks to set a precedent for how creators should be onboarded to web3.

While web3 is a fast moving space, this program aims to provide creators with the tools they need to succeed.

Throughout the process, members of the cohort are encouraged to engage with one another with the goal of creating a family and culture around each other’s work.

In doing so, we hope to inspire participants to go from student to teacher in just one month.

To apply, please feel out this application.

If you have questions about the program or how to get involved, please DM me on Twitter!

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Let’s mint!