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An in-depth analysis of TVL’s skyrocketing Manta Pacific

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Introduction to Manta Pacific

The recent futures price of the popular Blast on Aevo has continued to increase with TVL. In just one week, it rose from the lowest of 3.5 dollars to 15.5 dollars, and then fell back to 7 dollars. It can be seen that the L2 model, which focuses on native income, has begun to be recognized by the market. .

And can Manta, which has also recently used New Paradigm to launch native revenue, surpass Blast? Let’s first take a look at the advantages of Manta. Players who enter Manta early have more profit opportunities than Blast. 👇🏻

Manta Network is a modular blockchain for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Manta Network was founded by a team of experienced founders from prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT.

Manta Network has received investment from a number of top Web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital.

Manta Pacific is an Ethereum Layer2 specially designed for ZK applications. It is currently based on OP Stack and is fully compatible with the EVM environment and Solidity development language;

In the future, Manta Pacific will implement zkEVM based on Polygon CDK; it will also leverage Manta's universal circuitry to implement ZK as a service, and leverage Celestia's modular data availability to provide low gas costs.

It can be said that Manta Pacific provides the perfect environment to support ZK applications. Solidity developers do not need cryptography knowledge or learn new languages to implement ZK functions by calling the SDK or API.

(Note: Manta's universal circuit is a zero-knowledge proof (ZK) circuit library, specially designed for general scenarios, providing ZK-as-a Service services to Solidity developers, which can be enabled in existing applications with just a few lines of code. ZK functions include compliant DeFi payments, Web3 Social authentication, full-chain game shuffling functions, etc. Through the universal circuit on Manta Pacific, developers can easily deploy EVM-native ZK applications.)

Manta Pacific launched its mainnet Alpha version on September 12, 2023, and is currently the third largest OP Stack L2, behind Optimism and Base. Once fully transitioned to zkEVM in the future, Manta Pacific may become the largest Polygon zkEVM-based L2 network.

Judging from the launch of Manta Pacific, its future development will be divided into four different stages:

1) Manta Pacific Alpha (Ethereum L2)

In its current version, Manta Pacific is based on Ethereum’s Optimistic Rollup, using Ethereum’s Data Availability (DA).

It leverages the Universal Circuits of the Manta network to enable developers to quickly build and deploy ZK-related applications using Solidity and the Universal Circuits SDK.

Therefore, all existing Ethereum smart contracts can be seamlessly adapted to Manta Pacific, and new application scenarios can also be opened based on ZK's functions, such as verifiable DID/KYC and fully on-chain games based on ZK. And the synergy between DeFi and decentralized identity, etc.

2) Manta Pacific Alpha II (+Celestia DA)

At this stage, Manta Pacific will achieve data expansion by integrating Celestia’s modular Data Availability (DA), significantly reducing gas costs for users to interact with dApps within the Manta Pacific ecosystem.

Celestia’s cost has a sub-linear relationship with Ethereum’s gas price and is much cheaper than Ethereum’s existing cost.

3) Manta Pacific Beta (+ transition to zkEVM)

During this phase, Manta Pacific plans to fully transition to zkEVM and leverage Polygon’s ZK prover.

The final phase of the network architecture will be to leverage Manta's general purpose circuitry for built-in ZK features to support a wide range of ZK applications, while incorporating Validium services and Celestia DA as well as zkEVM and Polygon CDK for scalability.

4) Manta Pacific production-level mainnet I (+ Universal Circuit 2.0)

In the final stage, Manta Pacific will officially launch the main network. For the Manta Pacific main network, Manta Pacific will further upgrade the general circuit to achieve lower gas costs, while using novel ZK technology to unlock new application scenarios.

Judging from Manta Pacific's roadmap, it will become the first zkEVM L2 to transition from Optimistic Rollup to Validium. This transition is implemented using Polygon CDK, significantly reducing Gas fees through Celestia DA, and through Ethereum consensus and Encrypted proof of on-chain activities increases security, which can be said to be a very forward-looking L2 at present.


New Paradigm Events

Recently, the Manta public chain launched New Paradigm, a liquidity incentive activity within the ecosystem. Similar to the Blast liquidity staking launched by Blur a while ago, users can pledge their own funds to obtain future token airdrop rewards.

However, compared with Blast, New Paradigm’s advantage lies in its rich ecological projects and shorter payback period. Users can obtain token airdrops as soon as January 2024, while Blast’s airdrops may not be launched until May. , comparing the two, the fund utilization rate in New Paradigm is much higher than that in Blast.

1) The expected rewards of the event include the following parts:

New Paradigm has five revenue streams, including fixed income, NFT incentives, and superimposed benefits brought by the unique DeFi composability within the L2 ecosystem.

  1. After ETH and USDC cross-chain to the Manta ecosystem, just like Blast, even if the assets are left unchanged, there will be an interest rate of about 5%;

  2. Participate in activities and pledge assets to receive future MANTA token airdrops;

  3. Participate in project interactions within the Manta ecosystem and obtain potential airdrop opportunities for the project itself;

  4. After staking ETH and USDC, the Stone and wUSDM obtained can be used to participate in projects within the Manta ecosystem, such as lending projects, and obtain the benefits provided by the project itself;

  5. Income obtained through Restaking of stETH (optional, Eigenlayer will be added in the future based on whether there is an open upper limit for Eigenlayer Restaking Cap);

(It should be noted that ETH will become Stone after being deposited, and USDC will become wUSDM after being deposited. If there is no GAS for subsequent interactions, you can use a third-party bridge, such as MiniBridge to cross-chain to the Manta network, which will save more GAS.

To participate in the event, you must deposit funds through the event page to obtain blind box fragments, but the GAS required for subsequent interactions in the Manta ecosystem can be cross-chained through a third-party bridge:

2) The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Deposit cross-chain ETH or USDC into Manta Pacific to earn income and box fragments. Deposit period open until January 2024;

  2. Users receive STONE and wUSDM on Manta Pacific within 24 hours of depositing. MANTA token rewards can be claimed via NFT as early as January 2024;

  3. 69 days after the MANTA token rewards are issued, users can redeem ETH and USDC through STONE and wUSDM;

For detailed strategies, please see the [Manta New Paradigm Participation Best Strategy Tutorial📚] launched by Biteye to maximize your profits👇🏻

Currently, New Paradigm’s deposit activity has entered the final sprint stage. For those who want to participate, you can use our Biteye invitation code:

(Note: Joining Biteye’s group can obtain exclusive additional rewards. 1. Half of the invitation rewards will be given to group members; 2. 25%-50% of the official grant of 25871 $Manta obtained by Biteye will be given to group members as incentives .)


StakeStone and Mountain Protocol

In New Paradigm, the income from the user's pledged ETH comes from the StakeStone protocol, and the income from the pledged USDC comes from the Mountain Protocol. Next, I will introduce to you these two key protocols in the Manta ecosystem:

1) StakeStone

StakeStone is a full-chain LST (Liquid Stake Token) protocol, committed to building a decentralized all-in-one staking protocol, a cross-chain market for LST liquidity, providing easy staking services for stakers, backed by Hashkey Capital, and obtained Secure3Audit of audit.

Users can deposit ETH to obtain STONE. For example, if user A deposits 100 ETH in exchange for a certain amount of STONE, and the value of 1 STONE becomes 1.04 ETH after one year, the user can use 100 STONE to withdraw 104 ETH from StakeStone.

When users deposit ETH into StakeStone, they will receive STONE immediately. At the same time, the received ETH goes into the vault contract and awaits deployment. After the deployment is executed, the ETH in the treasury contract will be sent to Lido in exchange for stETH, which will then be saved in StakeStone’s strategy treasury.

In the future, sETH may be deposited into Eigenlayer for heavy pledge to obtain more income for STONE holders.

Currently, the total amount of ETH deposited in StakeStone is growing steadily, and the total number of deposited ETH has reached 225,498, which is approximately $515M.

2) Mountain Protocol

Mountain Protocol is an institutional-level compliance-regulated income stablecoin protocol, participated by Coinbase Vencture, and has been audited by many well-known audit institutions such as OpenZeppelin.

The stablecoin USDM it issued is backed by short-term U.S. Treasury bonds, which are currently one of the safest assets in the world.

The main reserves behind USDC and USDT are also short-term Treasury bonds of the United States. According to the risk rating report of Bluechip, a stablecoin rating agency, USDM's risk rating is the same as DAI. Therefore, Mountain has two important features: security and compliance.

In New Paradigm, users who deposit stablecoin USDC will automatically receive wUSDM (Wrapped USDM) on Manta Pacific, similar to Lido’s wstETH.

During the New Paradigm event, users can consider placing wUSDM in other protocols to earn interest. wUSDM, like any other ERC20 token, can be used to interact with various smart contracts, decentralized applications and wallets on L2 .

The current circulation of USDM has reached $136M according to DefiLlama data, which has increased significantly after cooperating with Manta.


Overview of ecological data and projects

At present, according to L2 Beat data, Manta's TVL has reached $559 million, surpassing well-known L2 public chains like Linea and Starknet, and currently holds the sixth position in rankings.

Judging from the on-chain data, there are currently nearly 7 million TXs in the Manta ecosystem, the total wallet addresses have reached 446,454, and the daily activity on the chain has increased significantly in the past three months.

There are currently more than 200 ecosystem projects on Manta Pacific, most of which have not issued coins. It is foreseeable that Manta has brought a large number of new users through the New Paradigm event this time, and at the same time deposited a large amount of funds on the chain. This part of the funds will continue to circulate in the ecosystem, interact with projects in the Manta ecosystem, and gradually cultivate loyal users on the chain.

The following is an introduction to some key ecological projects on Manta:

  1. QuickSwap: QuickSwap is currently the DEX with the largest trading volume in the Manta ecosystem, and is also one of the largest and most well-known DEXs in the Polygon ecosystem.

  2. iZUMi Finance: iZUMi is a multi-chain DeFi protocol that provides one-stop liquidity services (LaaS), innovatively proposes a discrete liquidity automatic market-making model, and has obtained IOSG Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Hashkey Capital, BIXIN Ventures, etc. Over $50M in financing including investors.

  3. LayerBank: LayerBank is currently the largest lending protocol in the Manta ecosystem. The protocol has been audited by Peckshield. The current TVL has reached $265M. It is deployed on Linea and Scroll, but currently the main TVL is distributed in Manta.

  4. Symbiosis: Symbiosis is a cross-chain DEX and liquidity protocol that has received $2M in financing from DWF Labs, Shima Capital, Binance Labs, Dragonfly, Amber Group, etc.

  5. PacificSwap: PacifiSwap is a DEX protocol that adopts the ve (3,3) model. It is developed based on the Pancake Swap model and uses the innovative CLAMM algorithm.

  6. AsMatch: AsMatch is an online dating application based on zero-knowledge proof ZK. Users can choose to match or not match other users by swiping left or right. They can also fill in the ZK Proof Key of zkSBT into the App to verify on-chain behavior and Identity, belongs to the Social category in Manta.

  7. Orbiter Finance: Orbiter Finance is a decentralized Rollup bridge used to transfer native assets of Ethereum. It provides infrastructure for Layer 2. It is currently one of the largest cross-chain bridges and has received $3.2 from Starkware and Amber group. M Financing.

  8. Minibridge: Minibridge is a cross-chain bridge optimized for small-amount transfer scenarios. It has the advantages of low rates and fast payment. It is rated as the most popular bridge among users on dappsheriff, and has a 50% discount on rates during the New Paradigm event. MiniBridge is the Ethereum Shanghai 2023 award-winning team.



As the currency issuance approaches in 2024, the airdrop brought by MANTA tokens is bound to add to the buzz of L2 in the first quarter of 2024. At the same time, as Manta integrates with Celestia in the next stage, the modular blockchain and The dual characteristics of ZK EVM can bring unique advantages to Manta.

Therefore, at this stage, most of the projects in its ecology have not yet issued coins, and with the strong background of Binance investment, the degree of chain roll-up is much smaller than that of Zksync chains. Participate more in the interaction of the chain and increase assets. The income and future airdrops of ecological projects can be said to be a very cost-effective operation.

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