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🚀TrendX Financing Daily News 07/06/2024

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【1】Monad Pad

Amount: $950,000

Stages: Seed round

Date: July 4

Investors: CMS Holdings, CSP DAO, Exnetwork Capital, Cogitent Ventures, Zephyrus Capital, FOMO Ventures, Sneaky Ventures, Legion Ventures, vVv

Category: DeFi, NFT, Launchpad

Description: Monad Pad is a token and NFT launchpad built on Monad that empowers creators, investors and collectors.




Amount: $3 million

Stages: Undisclosed

Date: July 5

Investors: Founderheads, LVT Capital, Lavender Capital, ChaiTech Ventures

Category: CeFi, RWA

Description: FreeBNK is a comprehensive blockchain-based financial ecosystem. With a range of innovativefunctions and offerings, FreeBnk is the gateway to a new era in financialempowerment. With over 300 DeFi & CeFi liquidity providers to low-fee payment methods that benefit all parties, Freebnk is reshaping how we think about managing and transacting with money.



【3】Plaza Finance

Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Pre seed round

Date: July 5

Investors: Anagram, Interop Ventures, Cosmostation

Category: DeFi, Derivatives

Description: Plaza Finance is a cross-ecosystem hub for programmable derivatives, focused on delivering better financial products for everyone.


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