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Bitcoin MEV

“wen flashbots mev-bitcoin fork?” It’s here.

Explore Bitcoin MEV and @RebarLabs, the project that came out of stealth to build MEV-aware products and infrastructure for Bitcoin.

MEV & Bitcoin?

You might wonder shouldn't MEVs only exist on networks with smart contracts that can run DeFi or DEX?

MEVs have always existed on Bitcoin (like intentional empty blocks by miners), and the emergence of Ordinals and Bitcoin L2 has created new MEVs.

Bitcoin L2 → MEV

Ordinals add programmability to Bitcoin, but this also creates opportunities for MEV, eg. miners front-run transactions to mint BRC-20.

MEVs like these will grow as these ecosystems develop. More research and coordination are needed.

When Flashbots for Bitcoin?

People like @eawosikaa, @Data_Always, and myself (@msfew_eth) have been asking when Flashbots for Bitcoin to handle MEV.

@0xTaker whetted my appetite, and finally, @RebarLabs came out of stealth to be the first to work on it.

@RebarLabs, MEV-aware products and infrastructure for Bitcoin

Rebar Labs is building infrastructure (alt mempool with private tx), products (data and dashboards), and providing research.

These products will ensure Bitcoin's core principles.

Looking forward to what Rebar has in store for us!

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