Posted on Jan 24, 2023Read on Mirror.xyz

Pixelated Perspectives with Motzko

Welcome to Pixelated Perspectives where we get to know some of the most renowned collectors and curators on Gallery. Our first featured guest is Motzko.

Motzko has an impressive, sprawling collection of work from Yazid, Zancan, Mathcastles, and Marina Abramović. With such diverse and compelling taste, it's no surprise they land themselves as one of the most popular galleries today.

We asked Motzko about art, curation, and code. Here's what he had to say:

1) How did you become the NFT collector you are today? Walk us through your journey and what sparked your interest in the space.

I've only been in crypto for a few years, but my passion for art and technology has been a constant throughout my life. The emergence of NFTs as a new and innovative medium for digital art sparked my interest, and as I dove down the NFT rabbit hole I was lucky enough to stumble upon a few vibrant communities of artists and collectors who shared my interests–Block Talk & @GrailersDAO. Engaging in these communities has 100% influenced the collector and curator that I am today

2) What's your strategy when it comes to curating your collection?

Buy what you love.

3) Can you share with us your most prized NFT possession, and what makes it so special to you?

I'm obsessed with several pieces in my collection (Squiggles, Squares, Automatism, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT, JPEG), but I would say that Transcendence by @jeffgdavis holds a special place in my heart. As a huge admirer of Jeff's work, I was lucky enough to mint this piece at @brtmoments CDMX and watch it reveal live, in-person with Jeff Davis himself. The evening also included @fingacode throwing a poncho over my head and getting abducted by a tribe of indigenous musicians playing drums. It was truly an unforgettable night and one that I will cherish forever.

Squares by Martin Grasser, owned by Motzko

4) How does Gallery play a role in your NFT collecting experience?

Gallery has completely changed my approach to collecting art. I used to buy pieces without considering how they would fit into my collection as a whole. But with Gallery, I am able to curate and organize my collection in a cohesive manner which has greatly improved the overall aesthetic and coherence of my collection. Gallery has allowed me to think more strategically about the pieces I collect and has ultimately made the process of collecting more enjoyable and rewarding.

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