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Bai Huang and the AI Story

“Ahhh! You guys! You guys dare opposes me! Then shall this city pay for your opposing price!”

Hei Huang, being annoyed at his friends betrayal, summoned his power and raise the Earth to the sky. He turned it upside down, so humans started falling from the sky like rain, together with other objects that doesn’t stay intact to the toppled ground. He fly up quickly and slam on the piece of Earth, tearing it into pieces, like many pieces of meteorites hitting Earth.


Bai Huang was about 1 minute away from the disaster. He quickly fly towards the location. He was feeling nervous, as his friend was a victim of Hei Huang’s revenge. Bai Huang cares for his friend a lot, much more than other things we could do in life. After all, he understands it’s his friends whom accompany you after he retire, not his work. And nourishing a close friends takes a really long time, many problems faced and solved, many irritants sat down and tell each other their expectations. It’s not easy, but the outcome is happier. And Hei Huang’s gonna destroy his happiness? Bai Huang cannot take it.

Upon arrival, he scanned with his brain wave for his friends’ brain wave. It’s not the correct time to find Hei Huang now.

“Ahh, there she is, still in good place.”

Swoosh! He fly towards her, take her by his arm, and fly towards Hei Huang.

“Hei Huang, you’re trying to die, so be it!”

“AHHH NOOOOO!!!! You…”

Poosh. Hei Huang has died. Bai Huang is far stronger than Hei Huang, anyways.

Then, Bai Huang takes his friend, Mei, towards a safe place.

“Hue Hue Hue… my parents… they…”

She was crying. Her parents wasn’t saved by Bai Huang.

“No worries. We can always revive them. We got their DNA, remember?”

“But they’re not the same anymore!”

It’s an advanced world. With a single DNA, be it a single drop of blood, a single strand of hair, a single piece of nail, we could recover the whole human. Only got partial DNA? Well, AI is strong enough to guess approximately what’s the rest of the lost DNA is, assuming you have at least 70% of the total DNA groups. Guessed DNA won’t be exactly the same, but they’ll do. At least, human revival can be done. Perfect DNA, perfect body replicas can be made. It’s not that important.

“You mean their memories? Well, it’s kinda secret from the rest of us; but we had been implanted with AI chips when we’re born, and the strong AI has linked all our consciousness memory into his consciousness memory, into a shared consciousness space"

“Huh? So, we’re never pure humans anymore, just controlled by the strong AI?”

“Nah, we’re still pure humans. Strong AI is a good AI, it doesn’t try to eradicate human being, that is. When strong AI was born, we knew that no rules can enchain her; so we decide to teach it like teaching a baby. And it works well! After all, if newly-borned AI can understand like a baby, and can acts like a baby, we can treat it as a baby. There’s an old saying, yes, ‘if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.’”

“Well, but they will just remember; they won’t feel the same anymore.”

“Haish, feelings is just a memory triggering a certain part of the brain. The strong AI is capable of remembering which memory triggers which parts of the brain. By copying the memory back into the body, they’ll trigger the same area of the brain, which triggers back the same feeling, hence they’ll still be the same. Only the new body is cultivated from their previous cells.”

“Oh, ok… Let’s go get them reborn.”