The Honey Jar

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The Berathon Blitz

This is a gen 3 article and is needed for InfinityGate extra boost (beeple who hold original 10 articles and 4 420 get a free jar and if they additionally get the upcoming new articles they get an additional free jar). It is also equivalent to a Honeycomb in the Honey Gate raffle for free allocation in Gen 3 mint.

berathon blitz

Embark upon a grand odyssey of voting within the realm of THJ as you delve into the Berathon Blitz app nestled within the Games folder. Prepare to behold the metamorphosis of decision-making into a pulse-pounding, gamified experience!

To partake in this extraordinary feat, ensure the connection of your wallet. Then, select a live proposal marked by a lit joint and choose your runner, who shall embody your vote within the proposal. The countdown timer at the top right corner signifies the remaining time until the proposal's closure. The contender who reaches the end of the track as the clock expires shall emerge victorious. The proposal's description contains information on prizes and other crucial details—simply click the "I" to gain access.

Enhanced Mint Interface


Behold the gateway to your destiny! Observe the abundance of available free claims and minting opportunities as the gates open. We have consolidated all gate-related minting and claiming actions into a single button. Seize the opportunity to claim all the treasures contained within the jars as they become available, and mint your rightful share when the time is ripe. Should you find yourself ineligible for a particular gate while it stands open, the interface shall kindly notify you that you are unable to mint at this time.

paws and explore

THJ Main Hub

Welcome, honored denizen of THJ. The Bera ecosystem may be an overwhelming tapestry, but fear not, for our purpose is to illuminate and guide the beeple. To fulfill this noble calling, we have crafted a mainpage to navigate you through the different hoops and guide you to your desired destination. Pause for a moment, and bask in the myriad offerings that THJ has to offer.

Crosschain Jars / Divide and Conquer

THJ will possess the power to disseminate honey to all corners of the lands. In anticipation of the cross-chain revolution, we diligently construct our systems to be compatible with LayerZero.

This awe-inspiring feature shall grant holders the authority to cast their votes on where our next expeditionary endeavor should take place.

Bigger Box

Breathtaking news! Our bigger boxes herald a new era. No longer confined to a single item, future generations will enable boundless possibilities. Who doesn’t like more prizes? Embrace the allure of plentiful rewards within the "Jackpot" section.


THJ vows unwavering protection for the beeple, and security reigns supreme. Honey belongs solely to the beras; no others shall lay claim. Our security practices have ascended to new heights, and we have enlisted Pashov to uncover any vulnerabilities. Rest assured, all concerns outlined in the Audit Report have been promptly addressed.