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Introducing — ASX Protocol

Yield Strategies. Unified.

Given the fast-paced nature of DeFi, where new opportunities and choices arise every second, the main goal of many investors and participants is to focus their capital on assets that provide either utility or additional revenue streams.

To that end, staked assets play a very important role in enabling these additional use cases. However, in today's market, yield strategies are segmented between many players on several chains. Searching for the right chain and the right protocol to park your assets is time-consuming and costly.

Currently, if a user has interest-bearing assets on Chain A but finds a better opportunity on Chain B, he has to withdraw the assets from Protocol A (fee), send them to Chain B via a bridge (fee), and deposit them in Protocol B (fee). If he then finds a more interesting opportunity on Chain C, this whole process has to be repeated.

For tech-savvy large users (whales), this may not seem like a big deal, but for the average user, those fees alone can eat all their profits.

One of the base pillars of DeFi is time and money optimization and, as avid developers and users of it, we were always looking for a one-stop solution protocol, one that would take care of all the hard lifting and fees... one that was designed for everyone.

Since we couldn't find it, we decided to build our own.

Enter ASX

ASX Protocol functions as a top layer DeFi network for staked assets, combining ASX's strategies with the most profitable ones available in the market.

Assets deposited into an ASX Vault enter an automatic process of yield maximization through capital shifting, auto-compounding, rebalancing, and routing across multiple protocols and chains, making ASX a more capital-efficient alternative.

How does it work?

ASX smart contracts operate on three main spectrums:

  • ASX's own strategies
  • Third-party protocols' strategies
  • Combined strategies on each chain

For routing the staked assets across protocols of the same chain, ASX Vaults monitor the available protocols' performance using on-chain data and use that information to calculate the routing's viability and the best capital allocation.

The protocol then uses relayers, working in tandem with an oracle, to receive information between the available chains and sends the relevant data to each Vault. The Vault then determines the best asset allocation for each chain and protocol and executes.

A lot is going on under the hood. We'll share more details on the mechanics once our smart contracts are open-sourced.

Chains and Protocols

Our operations on yield routing are broken down into 3 phases:

For the first iterations of ASX (1st phase), the following chains and protocols will be available:

  • Ethereum → ASX, Convex, Yearn
  • Fantom → ASX, Yearn, Tarot

During the 2nd phase, we'll expand the network into two more EVM compatible blockchains: Avalanche and Polygon.

On the 3rd phase will break the EVM boundaries and expand ASX into Terra and Solana, using the LayerZero network, making ASX truly omnichain.

While ASX smart contracts are getting ready for public release, the interface will allow direct access to the third-party protocols' vaults.

The ASX Token

ASX has been conceived, built, and driven by a founding group of individuals with expertise in creating web3 solutions and a core belief in decentralization and privacy.

ASX is the result of many months of development and it's our legacy to the crypto community. Because of that, we decided to do things a little differently.

We'll explain all the details about our token launch in our next post.

What’s next?

The core vision for ASX is to be the ultimate permissionless omnichain liquidity hub for staked assets, expanding beyond the borders of EVM and Non-EVM.

Our smart contracts are currently in private beta and have consistently shown better performance than the third-party protocols' strategies. We're finishing up the final touches and getting them ready to be open-sourced and peer-reviewed before the public release, within the coming weeks.

The omnichain yield future is inevitable. Stay tuned.

ASX is an emergent and constantly evolving experiment in decentralized finance. It’s not a company, it doesn’t have investors and it doesn’t cater to speculators.

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