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The Rollup Coaster #18

The Rollup Coaster is a bi-weekly newsletter that dives into the fascinating world of Ethereum, exploring the latest in rollups, zero-knowledge proofs, MEV-PBS, and much more.

This edition is written by Taiko’s Community Advocate Jünger.

Hold on tight! 🎢

Disclaimer: This newsletter is neither financial advice, nor is indicative of Taiko’s position on any of the material presented. Please do your own research.

Highlights 🎢

  • Taiko’s Katla Testnet (Alpha-6) is now live! In this testnet, Taiko integrated the Based Contestable Rollup (BCR) design, multi-proofs, and SGX. Check the details in this article.

  • Dencun upgrade is coming! The upgrade includes several changes, most notably protodanksharding, which will help reduce L2 transaction fees.

  • Vitalik in his article, advocated for a return to Ethereum's core principles of openness and decentralization. He criticized the current trend toward centralization and financialization, which had been fueled by high transaction fees and a gambling culture.

    Vitalik highlighted the potential of rollups, privacy enhancements, and zero-knowledge proofs to reinvigorate Ethereum's original vision. He saw a future where Ethereum could contribute significantly to a technologically integrated society, prioritizing security and decentralization.

  • Discussions about increasing the gas limits of Ethereum. Dankrad pointed out that it’s important to increase the CALLDATA fee while increasing the GASLIMIT.

ZK and rollup research 🧙

ZK and rollup updates 🗞️

  • Arbitrum passed 1B daily volume.

  • A well-written article about Merkle Tree by Sovereign Labs.

  • Some updates on o1js (library for cryptography).

MEV/PBS/staking research and updates 🔍

  • Tarun Chitra explained the differences between PBS and Jito (MEV on Solana).

  • Celsius (ETH staking service) will unstake their existing ETH holdings. 16,000 validators entered to queue for unstaking.

  • A new approach to transaction ordering in a modular world by Maven11 Research.

  • How restaking acts as a shared security layer, Bell Curve explained with Sreeram Kannan.

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