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Monthly Grants Committee Update: June 2022

The Grants Committee accepted one grant, received 4 new proposals and 2 new request for proposals applicants during June.

Grants Accepted ✅


Galleon recently launched a basis trading product for Ethereum (Basis Yield ETH Index) using Perp v2 and TokenSets, and they are building the same product across other offerings on Perp v2.

Grants Under Consideration 🔎

Uno Farm

Uno Farm is a platform that makes yield farming profitable and easy through auto-compounding and aggregating the best yield opportunities. They are looking to add Perp v2 to their platform as well as launch automated vaults for providing liquidity.

Update on Current Grantees 🎯

  • Atlantis World: Finishing the integration for Atlantis World’s Web3 social metaverse.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Perpetual Protocol building 👀

  • Component: Finishing the prototype for the Perp v2 LP simulator.
  • DeCommas: The PERP-ETH basis trading vault went live on mainnet this month,
  • DeFiHelper: Over 50% of the work is done for DeFiHelper to integrate Perp v2.
  • Fuerte: Started work on the basis trading vault on Perp v2, currently doing some back testing in regards to providing liquidity into Perp v2.
  • IndexZoo: Development for the 5x leverage tokens has begun which will be built on top of Perp v2.
  • Socket Bounty: The bounty is almost complete with the npm package ready.
  • TradeVaults: Finalizing their integration into Perp v2.

Apply Now📮

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