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Meet Dawn.

If you’ve ever sponsored one of our events please get in touch! We have NFTs to send you - It will allow governance participation, access to gated spaces, documents, and the Lisbon Metahub.

Hello, DAOist!

During 2021 we’ve summoned some special DAO energy together, but that was just the beginning. The next moves of The DAOist will ensure that many communities can spin off DAOist events, that the entire Web3 governance community can share in the “Global Governance Gathering” - and that when needed any of the projects involved can come to get a retreat and creative support at the Lisbon Metahub.

💎 In this article, we’re just gonna go straight to the point and talk about how we are gonna govern the future of the DAOist together.

Our first missions are:

  • Setting up the Lisbon Metahub. We are about to sign a big contract.
  • Deciding on who should be the next Elders.
  • Define the ground rules for what DAOist events and Embassies are in the future.

WHO ARE “WE”: Core Team, Elders, Past Sponsors, Ambassadors, and Ministers. You can check the full overview of Dawn Governors here.

Dawn Governance Checklist

Dawn uses ERC-1155 NFTs instead of the usual token governance schemes.

It means influence over Dawn can’t be bought outright. This strategy acts as an alternative to voting with fungible tokens and forms a wide base of governors. It contemplates all organizations that have made The DAOist a reality and also the most active builders and supporters of DAOs globally.

Elder and Core tokens are non-transferable and can be burned if the DAO so decides. Core tokens are earned through work for the project and continued stewardship. They can also be burned.

Delegate’s NFTs remain transferable after minting and are under the custody of their current holders, but the DAO also retains rights to the removal of privileges if it so decides!

Governance forums and voting interface:

It's time to vote, DAOist!

Governance Forums are being built here - Ideally, proposals to Dawn are accompanied by forum posts that detail related issues and are attached to proposals on snapshot.

Around 70% of Delegate tokens have been minted and we are onboarding all Dawn members, but if you see any confusion, please refer them to this post!

Once a relevant quorum has been onboarded and the first proposals start, we’ll be off to the races.

(Ambassadorships and Ministries) have a few choices to make.

Decide on your delegates and how many votes to give them: Identify who inside your organization would be the most interested in participating in Dawn governance and spread your vote weight between them.

50 per ministries (18 slots are open - apply here)160 for ambassadorships (1 out of 5 slots is open - apply here)

Ambassadors and Ministries can divide these into delegate tokens of 10, 25, or 50. At the moment no limitations apply to holding these tokens in the same wallet.

Once minted the token structure is final and cannot be undone but they will remain transferable (unlike core and elder tokens). Depending on the sponsorship tiers you’ve supported in the past - these ARE cumulative.


There are 12 of you at the moment and all tokens have been distributed.

Thank you for all the help in the process of shaping up Dawn. See you in the Discord!

Elder token

All organizations that supported The DAOist in the first 2 events (Paris & Lisbon) received votes in Dawn. This is no guarantee that future sponsors will receive governance and future emissions will be decided by Dawn.

The delegate tokens sent to sponsors were:

10 Votes per Sister DAO package.25 Votes per Ride or DAO package.50 Votes per Patron package.

These beauties have made their way to the wallets of those who have supported The DAOist and helped raise our cultural coordination machine.

Delegate tokens: 10. 25, and 50 votes.

Detailed governance numbers

At the time of writing, we have been able to source and deploy over 90% of total wallets that have votes in the DAO and we are off to the Races.

Dawn in numbers:

Dawn DAO will control the distribution of a total of 10.000 Votes controlled by the NFTs shown above, of which 2425 have been deployed and 300 await wallets from past sponsors, this includes 3 ambassadorships sold to Giveth, PrimeDAO, and Eleven Yellow. We will announce these sponsorship packages and praise our core supporters in an upcoming article.

We are very proud of this list - here we explain who has committed funds to Dawn and why and what they are getting for it:

Hors Concours Support: Ethereum Foundation

The EF will not hold any governance in Dawn but they’ve committed to granting The DAOist a grant to support the work of the team.

If your organization would like to support The DAOist and its cultural initiatives and want to design a custom grant please write us at [email protected]

Ambassadorships: PrimeDAO / Giveth / Eleven Yellow / Celo


  • Governance over Dawn: Ambassadorship Badge NFT + Set of Delegate NFTs totaling 160 votes. (By standard distributed as 50+50+25+25+10, but the final set up is up to you)
  • 1 Patron sponsorship slot at a The DAOist event (brand placement, speaking slot, custom activation all included)
  • One meetup specific to the organization within the Lisbon Metahub complex of initiatives.
  • Metahub specific brand activation (Naming rights or custom activation or swag).
  • Priority pass + Lisbon Metahub access: priority access for DAOist tickets before release to the general public and coworking + dorm access for “delegate” token holders (subject to availability)
  • Priority for ‘Residency Program’ agenda setting
  • Missions must be value-aligned - the org will remain top of mind for the team at all times, including written content, graphic and video content creation, and support. This sponsorship package was offered for 75k USD in stable coins. One slot is still available and talks with possible supporters are ongoing. You can apply here.

Ministries: Applications are open!

Applications for a Ministry sponsorship package are open as of the publishing of this post and are available for 25k USD.


  • Governance over Dawn: Ambassadorship Badge NFT + Set of Delegate NFTs totaling 50 votes. (By standard distributed as 5+5+3+3, but the final set up is up to you)
  • Priority pass + Lisbon Metahub access: priority Access for DAOist tickets before release to the general public and coworking + dorm access for “delegate” token holders (subject to availability)
  • You pick what your Ministry is about: Narrative? Tokenomics? Crypto art? Metaverse? - you name it, we will treat you as a reference in that domain. (Caveat - you should be it to buy it) Event Sponsors

The Core token

6 Core Tokens have been given.

The Core token is conditionally granted to people who are devoting most of their time to the project, ideally full time or at least 50% of their work capacity and participating in the specific verticals of the project.

These people are:

Elco, (born Felipe Duarte) Inga Vyugova Luuk Weber Numa Oliveira Guil Stefen Deleveaux

Supporting each other in the given workstreams:

DAOops | Lead: Felipe | Support: Luuk

The DAOops workstream is tasked with the development of the overall DAO strategy, administration, and community. Tasked with the launch of The DAOist’s DAWN, its Governance Design and documentation, and The DAOist’s administration and Treasury

Co-Creation Spaces Vertical | Lead: Felipe | Support: Numa

Tasked with creating and maintaining the digital and physical co-creation spaces such as The Lisbon Metahub, the DAOist Governance forum, the discord, and other permanent interaction spaces.

Events Vertical | Lead: Inga | Support: Guil

Focuses on creating temporary experiences for DAOists around the world.

Content Vertical (Narrative and Educational) - Lead: Stefen / Numa | Support: Guil

All the evergreens of the project - from articles to swag to documentation - are the cultural pieces of the project.

What we are building in Lisbon and Globally

If you’ve been watching the treasury closely you will notice that quite a bit of funds has moved recently - that’s because we’re paying 1 year of rent for the Lisbon Metahub.

550 sqm in a gorgeous house from which we will build a full-time communications outfit coordinated by the Core Team. It will include designers, videomakers, copywriters, and social media specialists deployed across the 4 verticals.

From there we will run the Art, Tech and Policy residencies, accelerate DAO2DAO partnerships (hopefully in meatspace) and tailor the future “The DAOist” and “Global Governance Gathering” experiences.

The space will be usable by token holders and it will have all the specs promised on the ambassadorship deck.

Sketching Lisbon Metahub

The move-in date is the 1st of April, keep an eye out. We will be busy designing until then - much to do. Also, we’re soon to launch a DAOist podcast… arh.. It’s time to finish this article.

Thanks for reading till the end, legends. Now, if you hold a delegate token…

Claim A Token Permission Role In Discord

  1. Join The DAOist discord server
  2. Look for the #token-gate channel.
  3. Click the "JOIN" button, you will get a private reply message in the channel to begin.
  4. Click on the link in the private reply to start the wallet connection/verification flow. Alternatively, type !join in any of the server channels and follow the steps will send you via direct message.

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