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#9 UkraineDAO: Mobilizing Quickly | Alona Shevchenko

On this episode of Campfire, Jackson speaks with Alona Shevchenko (@cryptodrftng), co-founder and operational lead of UkraineDAO (@Ukraine_DAO). They discuss how UkraineDAO has raised over $8 million US dollars to help defend Ukraine from the Russian invasion, counter Russian propaganda, and amplify Ukrainian voices.

The episode details how wartime DAOs are different from traditional charities and nonprofits, the founding of UkraineDAO in the days leading up to the Russian invasion, and how web3 mechanics enable coordination of humanitarian aid and a fleet of trucks during war.

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Topics Covered:

  • Could you describe your sense of adoption of crypto technology in Ukraine?— (03:34)

  • A call from a friend and chain of events that led to the formation of UkraineDAO — (12:47)

  • What were you hoping your parents would do when you called them? — (18:05)

  • What was the early genesis of UkraineDAO and how did you connect with Steve & Matthew? — (21:08)

  • Walk us through the gameplan that UkarineDAO came to in terms of growing and marketing the existence of the DAO to the world? — (26:15)

  • Could you help us understand the 3 main components of UkraineDAO’s mission? — (33:25)

  • Where have the funds UkraineDAO raised gone and what other tangible outcomes were achieved? Why is a DAO the best answer for executing everything that UkraineDAO has done compared to a traditional organization?— (43:20)

  • Could you share your thoughts on the relationship Russia has with the UN?  — (45:32)

  • Share with us the types of organizations that UkraineDAO has helped/donated. — (49:50)

  • How did your family change their mind on the war and how are they involved now? — (56:40)

  • Has UkraineDAO been subjected to any hackers and what practices should other DAOs implement? — (64:10)

  • What is a Multi-sig? — (66:40)

  • What do people misunderstand about decentralization? — (68:32)

Want to learn more about how to support UkraineDAO? Follow UkraineDAO on Twitter or connect on Discord. Donate to UkraineDAO at UkraineDAO.eth. For more ways to support UkraineDAO, check out 10 ways to get involved with Ukraine DAO.

Episode Links:

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UkraineDAO Telegram

Alona Shevchenko, Matthew Bunday, and CryptoSteve (UkraineDAO co-founders) on Twitter

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Episode Credit:

Hosted by @JacksonSteger

Sound Engineering by @prodcolin

Distribution by @alisonclaire and @Allen_Taylor

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