Rehash: A Web3 Podcast

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🤝 Sponsor Season 8 of Rehash: A Web3 Podcast

Web3 brands with onchain products need onchain users in order to survive and thrive. While mainstream adoption is our ultimate goal, the steps to getting there are more precise and the target audience more narrow.

Currently, the types of users that will help onchain brands grow most effectively are crypto literate, curious, early adopters who are open to experimenting with new tools, features, and ideas, and the best way to reach these users is by embedding into active and engaged communities like Rehash where these users reside.

What is Rehash?

Rehash: A Web3 Podcast is the first community-owned, fully onchain podcast where all podcast episodes are minted onchain, and guests are nominated and voted on by our community of holders.

Since April 2022, Rehash has published 96 episodes, accumulated over 17,000 downloads, and grown its onchain community to almost 1,000 paid collectors (as of April 23, 2024). As you can see from the chart below, Rehash has grown its onchain community at a steadily increasing pace over the past seven seasons and is positioned for even more growth in Season 8.

Updated: April 23, 2024

According to data from Bello, Rehash wallet holders have a median wallet age of 2.4 years and a median net worth of $4,500 per wallet, which suggests a relatively mature and educated crypto base.

Additionally, Rehash holders have shown their willingness to explore new web3 apps, such as web3 social apps, Lens and Farcaster, with 48% of Rehash holders using Lens and 43% of Rehash holders using Farcaster. On Farcaster, the top 10 Rehash holders with the largest following have a combined half million followers, and on Lens that number is more than 75,000.

Why Sponsor Rehash?

If you’re looking to expose your product or app to more crypto literate, curious, early adopters, you’ll find your target customers within the Rehash community and broader listenership.

Unlike with most podcasts, a partnership with Rehash means much more than simply sending us an ad to run on our podcast; we custom write the ad for you, run your ad, and offer a number of additional partnership opportunities to further promote your product and show our support of your project in more meaningful ways.

With three sponsorship packages ranging from 6,000 - 24,000 USDC per season and discounts of up to 25% available for longer term commitments, there’s a perfect package for everyone.

Each season runs for three months and corresponds with the calendar quarter. Season 8 will run from April 18 - June 20, 2024 with new episodes airing every Thursday.

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