Posted on Jan 07, 2022Read on - Decentralizing Paid Ads

In Short…

You see that the digital world is changing. Fast.

You are not the type to sit around, so you worked your ass off to launch an amazing web3 project!

But you are not the only one doing so...

Standing out from the crowd takes a lot of work and creativity!

To help you with that, I build ShillBoard.

ShillBoard is the most unique NFT-powered place where you can shill your brand, company, NFT’s and more. Online, in the metaverse, and in real life!

On the ShillBoard, we will run a 1-hour loop on repeat. You can own slots of 5 seconds of that 1-hour loop as NFT.

As an owner of such a slot, you are in full control of what you want to shill on that slot.

50% of all revenue from the NFT mint and secondary sales will be set aside in a community fund. All slot owners will together decide how these funds are used to pay for the best ways to display the ShillBoard! Maybe display it on Times Square for a day, or maybe sponsor some Web3 conferences? The slot owners decide!

A minimum of 36 ETH marketing budgets will be available to shill! That’s enough to do some awesome shit!

Lets Give You An Example

As the proud creator of Limah, you want to share your project with the world. To display your unique project, mint 3 slots on ShillBoard. This means that 15 seconds of every hour are completely yours! You upload your favorite Limah to your slots and have it displayed every hour of every day!

Shilling your Limah NFT on ShillBoard

But who would see my project?

This is where it gets real exciting!

The ShillBoard project will hold a substantial amount of funds to go crazy on advertising!

All owners of ShillBoard slots will together decide how these funds will be used to have the ShillBoard displayed in the most awesome places. On the web, in the metaverse, or the real world...

What about your project displayed on Times Square in New York? Or maybe you would rather shill your project on a big Web3 meet-up? It is all up to you!

Slots on ShillBoard?

The 1-hour loop will be split up into slots of 5 seconds.

That means a total of 720 slots will be ever available.

Slot 1 will be from 00:00 until 00:05

Slot 2 will be from 00:05 until 00:10


Slot 720 will be from 59:55 until 00:00

Managing your slots is easy on your personal dashboard!

You are in control of what you want to display on every single slot that you own.

Let talks about ETH baby

The mint price for every slot is 0.1 ETH. A max of 6 slots (30 seconds) can be minted per wallet.

Only 720 NFT’s will ever be available.

50% of all revenue will be set aside for the community to use.

That means that a minimum of 36 ETH marketing budget will be available to shill! That’s enough to do some awesome shit!

The other 50% will be set aside for other project-related expenses, taxes, the team etc.


Holding slots means you are part of the ShillBoard community.

You NFT give you the right to make proposals on how to spend the community funds. With enough votes, the proposal will be executed. You are thus deciding yourself where and for how long the ShillBoard will be displayed for the world to see!

A playful start to decentralized Paid Ads

Sounds awesome, right?

This way of advertising is radically different from current advertisement models.

With ShillBoard you don't only get the benefits of exposure, you are also the owner of the advertisement channel! You get to decide on where to shill. Are you done shilling your project? Just sell it on the secondary market and get all your investments back!


ShillBoard is all about shilling in an awesome and unique way.

There will be 4 moments when the community will decide how the available funds will be used.

These moments are fixed, but what will happen on these moments are up for the community to decide!

An example:

15% minted - Shilling at a mayor web3 meetup

50% minted - Shilling on a highway billboard

75% minted - Shilling on Times Square

100% minted - Shilling on a plot in the metaverse

Get your spot on the whitelist…

The Pre-Mint will open on the 20th of January…

Get your WhiteList spot now in our Discord.