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SnapFingers IYO —The next-gen launchpad to maximize crypto investors’ profits


For those who are new to crypto, you are oftentimes eager to participate in the early fundraising rounds of hardcore projects, because you believe that token prices of these projects will surge in long term, and you always struggle to seek cheaper price to invest with. Fortunately, for a larger pool of regular investors, launchpads provide them with opportunities to keep up with the formation of any new crypto giant at an early stage.

As the experienced ones search for valuable opportunities in the crypto space, you can never allow those well-known launchpads slip under the radar. As a matter of fact, you might have been overwhelmed by a variety of them during the bull. Over the past few years, some noteworthy launchpads, like Polkastarter, TrustSwap, and Binance Launchpad, have sprung up to support many great startups.

An Approach During Bear

Although current launchpads have been supportive to startup projects and financially beneficial to most retail investors, there still seems to be some potential improvements. Having been listening to voices of communities and promising projects, we proudly present to you, SnapFingers IYO, the next-generation launchpad.

A crypto launchpad serves normally as a decentralized exchange-based platform for blockchain projects to launch their tokens, which are commonly known as initial coin offerings (ICOs) or initial DEX offerings (IDOs). Investors never get tired of chasing these announcements during the bull market. However, the enthusiasm has been dented since this bear arrived.

Given the frustrating market sentiment, IDOs have slowed down, while investors become more prudent to throw their cash flow into listings on launchpads. SnapFingers has been seeking alternatives for participants to seize every opportunity to make revenue, which leads to the idea of SnapFingers IYO.

Inspired by yield aggregators, which have played a crucial role during the DeFi Summer, SnapFingers IYO works not only as a traditional launchpad mainly providing the approach for regular investors to invest in early-stage crypto projects through IDOs, but also as a platform providing investors with sets of DeFi derivatives to leverage different DeFi protocols and strategies to maximize profits.

Initial Yield Offerings (IYOs)

To further explain the innovative concept of Initial Yield Offerings (IYOs), we take a random option of yield optimizing strategies listed on our launchpad for the case, where users will be offered with premier access to the latest yielding pool. For example, a newly developed yield optimizing strategy designed for ETH sets a pool of 1,000 ETH, which guarantees a certain APY to the public. Meanwhile, SnapFingers IYO will host a premier pool of 100 ETH distributed from the total 1,000 ETH, which offers participants a relatively higher APY. Correspondingly, all qualified users need to apply for a certain amount of allocation.

To get qualified to participate in any IYOs, users must get the minimum required SnapFingers Scores by completing a variety of on-chain tasks. Upon the accomplishment of each task, certain scores will be rewarded to users. Users with more scores will be ranked higher on the waiting list, which means higher probability for approval. A particularly specific threshold will be set before the application, only those whose SnapFingers Scores have successfully passed the line are qualified to submit their applications for the allocations from the pool.

Each allocation for individual participants has caps and collars preset by specific protocols or derivatives, so that users can decide whether to participate or not before they apply. (The final amount of allocation for each applicant lies within the range of caps and collars.) Upon their application for the allocation approved, all users get equal shares from the pool, and they must stake requested amounts of ETH or USDT immediately to take the share in the pool, activating their yield strategies.

In addition to IYOs in the upcoming patches of our launchpad, SnapFingers will release more options, such as initial NFT offerrigs (INOs), initial gaming offerings (IGOs), initial music offerings (IMOs), etc..

Why SnapFingers IYO?

The very existence of SnapFingers derives from the alliance of some industry insiders and crypto aficionados, who initially work together on doing industry research and building up communities for sharing valuable information. We have gathered a variety of talents within the business, including Crypto ventures, DAOs, research institutions, influencers, gaming guilds, players, and community moderators in the industry, who are concerned about the insignificant effort of ordinary individuals in the Web3 space.

Therefore, more like-minded people have begun supporting our idea: over 80 contributors have newly joined in SnapFingers DAO since 2022, which makes us consider officially transferring our team into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). That’s the birth of SnapFingers DAO. SnapFingers DAO, as a pathfinder in the crypto industry, devotes itself to contribution: we have been continuously outputting industrial reports, exclusive interviews with founders, sector analysis, and infographics, while participating in early fundraisings of various outstanding projects.

Years of investment and research experience give us the confidence to discover projects of excellent quality and decent return. The launch of SnapFingers IYOs will provide all participants with a secure and reliable platform to leverage their asset.

Preliminary Risk Management

The preference for stable profits is particularly revealed during the bear market, as most investors intend to avoid uncontrollable risks while leveraging their assets to yield decent revenue. However, the nature of decentralized finance being unregulated and permissionless causes the fact that the crypto market occasionally gets flooded by projects varying considerably in quality, which costs participants serious losses because of asymmetric information and malicious rug-pull. Thus, SnapFingers will conduct necessary project analysis and preliminarily filter potential risks for our users, so that they can have more reliable investment options matching their own risk appetite.

Compound of Optimized Capital Efficiency

SnapFingers IYOs offer exclusive opportunities for relatively higher APR backed by our collaborative projects, providing our users with premier accesses to latest trading and investment strategies under controllable risks. Additionally, the idea of Initial Yield Offerings is not limited to options of packaged investment strategies. There will always be extraordinary projects ignored by the public before they become mainstream or release their tokens on the secondary market. SnapFingers IYOs integrate various streams of valuable information to assist our users in locking on these potential Alphas in advance. As for the liquidity management, SnapFingers IYOs conduct the self-custody mechanism instead of hosting users’ liquidity ahead of the interactions with designated protocols, which allows our users to have full control of their liquidity for best capital efficiency.


Diving deeper into IYO, users will be introduced with an intriguing set of NFT, the Slashie, which is the symbolic token of status designed by SnapFingers. In the revolutionizing era of Web3, almost every insider has more than one status, like, you can be an investor and a professional poker player. Pretty cool, right?

Slashie is created based on this idea, where you can find one or more of your own statuses in the Web3 space. As a Slashie holder, you will be pre-rewarded with extra SnapFingers Scores and placed into the Slashie Pool with other Slashie holders.

The Slashie Hood NFT Launch

Phase1 (2022 Q4): The first batch of 1000 “OG” Slashies available for mint on Mooar Launchpad Phase2 (2023 Q1): Whitelist distribution for 4000 Slashie -Z Generation Phase3 (2023 Q1): 4000 Slashie -Z Generation available for mint. Phase4 (2023 Q2): Slashie -Z Generation available for merge into SlashieX

Key Benefits of Slashie Holders · The stylish NFT as your profile picture · Premier access to SnapFingers IYO · Special identity qualified for potential airdrops in SnapFingers DAO

In the previous example we have discussed earlier, a dominant portion of 100 ETH will be reserved for Slashie holders. This group of users can complete other tasks as well to win as many SnapFingers Scores as possible to secure their ranks on the list; the remaining of 100 ETH will be distributed in the General Pool among the regular participants without Slashie who earned SnapFingers Scores through completing other on-chain tasks.

How to get the collection of The Slashie Hood

• OG Slashie: Lock your $GMT on Mooar to vote and mint your “OG” Slashie with 30 $GMT upon distribution.

• Slashie – Z Generation: this batch will be distributed among all whitelists as rewards.

  1. Participants in SnapFingers IYOs

  2. Participants in community events of SnapFingers DAO & Those who contribute positively in SnapFingers DAO

  3. Community partners & KOLs


As the spirit of Slashie conveys, holders can merge two different Slashies together into one SlashieX, which represents the inspiration of a Web3 native possessing dual character in the crypto world. SlashieX will give the holder more extra SnapFingers Scores. In later updates, users can upgrade their SlashieX (ONLY SlashieX can be upgraded) to higher level for more Scores.

SnapFingers Score

SnapFingers Score is designed for the scoring system of our IYO launchpad to determine the hierarchy of applicants so that the limited allocation can be fairly distributed among qualified users. Completing a series of on-chain tasks assigned by each IXOs is the most cost-optimal method to get SnapFingers Scores. Moreover, users can simply purchase Slashies for more extra Scores, which saves both time and labor.