Tao of DAO

Posted on Oct 03, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz

Ep 3 | Seeing the Big Picture

Happy Sunday, friends!

Another gorgeous Fall day.

Right before recording the vlog, I did something super important that I’d been neglecting: put some attention on the Kernel Fellowship, which kicked off last week.

Its launch thus coincided with my transitioning FT to Web3 and the Forefront DAO. The way the Fellowship came into my life was a profound gift, so the last thing I want to do is fall out of touch with this experience and this special community.

(How to keep my balance, how to keep centered, how to keep the balls in the air… this will surely be a dominant motif in the journey ahead! A dear friend reminded me today to attend to this motif. Please do prioritise your balance of being over anything that work demands, he said. ❤️)

I watched the recording of the Kernel Orientation and was prompted to put some thought into what my transformative Kernel Adventure will be.

I’m thinking… the Tao of DAO.

Gardening in Public

In today’s vlog, I continue musing on the challenges of DAO community gardening. I think aloud on -

  • shared context << >> context stripping
  • (how to restore the context that has been stripped away?)
  • the benefits of wandering the Forefront Discord channels
  • onboarding challenge - granular detail vs big picture context
  • behind-the-scenes: Notion work in progress
  • the power of images and mind maps


Signing off friends,


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