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[Purchases & Prunings] August 2023

August ended up being a bit busier on the collecting front than I was originally expecting. In a good way of course.

toucher de l'herbe #10/30 by Sarah Zucker (Manifold)

I collected some gems including a brand new Sarah Zucker [pictured above], some amazing works off of Nifty Gateway by a few artists I have long admired and finally had the great pleasure of producing, as well as my first cryptoart on Solana over on the Exchange Art platform.

You can peruse all of the works I collected below.

Purchases in August 2023

toucher de l'herbe #10/30 by Sarah Zucker (Manifold)

heart + craft #13262 by Snowfro + Jordan Lyall (Prohibition Art)

heart + craft #13260 by Snowfro + Jordan Lyall (Prohibition Art)

MOCA Fundraiser 2023 by MOCA (and 713 artists) (Manifold)

8 Protocols & Platforms on which to share Your Art 1 by Obxium (Mirror)

Spaghetti Bones #320 by Joshua Bagley (Art Blocks)

Ceremony #2/20 by Griff (Nifty Gateway)

Where All Things Happen #17/23 by kolahon (Nifty Gateway)

purgatory. #7/19 by Dead Seagull (Nifty Gateway)

banguh #22/25 by Desultor (Nifty Gateway)

Ocean View by fatih öztürk (Exchange.Art)

Prunings in August 2023

In the context of collecting pruning can mean two things: selling work in your collection or curating it. August pruning was all about the latter.

I had been planning on it for awhile, but I finally consolidated most of the work I consider most precious in my multi-sig Safe. This entailed sending works from multiple hot wallets + NG to a single account.

After that I updated the OS profile associated with it. I set my pfp and background (all Matt Kane of course) and most importantly I set up my featured lists.

OS allows you to set 10 distinct featured lists. I made the decision to break each featured section out by artist starting with Sarah Zucker and followed by Max Osiris, Panter Xhita, XCOPY, CryptoCubes & Creators, Bryan Brinkman, Skygolpe, Giant Swan, Matt Kane, and the complete LACMA collection.

I think the results look great and added it to most of my public social profiles.

You can check it out HERE.


Cover Image: Spaghetti Bones #320 by Joshua Bagley

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