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Research Log #1 by gokhan.eth

The original text was conceived on my main blog on Paragraph, and reproduced on my main website, Medium blog, and Substack blog too.

Podcasts & Talks

Articles & Essays

Academic Works

Technical Docs

  • Custom Gas Token Chain on the OP Stack. Syndicate are to guide those who want to launch their own layer2 or layer3 solutions on top of OP Stack re: custom gas tokens.

Public Statements

  • The public statement from leading zero knowledge projects against Matter Labs' attempt at trademarking "ZK".

Dev Tools

  • Awesome Last is a chain-agnostic comprehensive crypto/ web3 developer guidance repository by the Last developers. -

  • mev.fyi is the maximal extractable value (MEV) research chatbot—underrated as hell.

  • Farcaster channels now have a transfer function.

Posts, Threads

  • Riley on crypto usecases.

  • Re: ZK trademark registry attempt drama across the cryptographically secured societies. Please make sure you read Thaler's above-linked post first before diving in. My resolution on the issue is that we do not need a defensive trademark thereof. If we were to talk about hijacking attemps, we first need to reflect on other cultural and PGF related ones that directly affects how resources come to be ratioed across our industry.

    • Starkware's post

    • Eli Ben-Sasson's post

    • The original Alex G of Matter Labs post against or around which the above-linked public statement was issued

    • Micah Zoltu's response to Alex G's post

    • Brendan Farmer's post

    • Rebecca Rettig's elaboration regarding defensive trademarking issue thereof, which is not.

    • Polygon's post

    • Linea's post

    • Hudson Jameson's response

The Art Market

  • Gallery spotlights Maya Man whose art I find valuable for the ecosystem. Man has a meta-approach with which she blends the infrastructure-inspired aesthetics with the quotidian nichés of the personal.

  • Many have missed it but Joan Heemskerk from the legendary net dot art duo JODI issued a self-reflective wallet-based art project through Folia Berlin, a house of experimental inter-disciplinary art, the last year. Yes, it is on the mainnet. It's a self-reflective piece by the pioneer of internet-based infrastructure art wherein "the user generates endless wallets, interpreted across the screen in sound, color and words. Upon minting, they capture a point of randomness, storing it as the on-chain ID of the minted NFT. While the NFT is tethered to a single seed, the sub-infinite number of derived private keys score the endless animation."

Disclaimer: The above hyper-linked digital content are for mere personal research usecases, and are not whatsoever any investment advice in any form.

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