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What'up on Curve ? #125

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Nice growth. Just need more volume now !

$10 Millions reached

The vote to add a gauge to the UZD/FRAXBP pool passed !

$CRV rewards appeared for the eUSD-FRAX/USDC pool

FUD is done ! Let’s balance this pool again



Haha .. sorry.. it was something else

What would you prefer ?

Curve and $CRV elsewhere

Seems that Curve will land on zksync soon

You may be concerned

Here also

New partnership !

New Curve’s pool whitelisting on Conic Finance

General stuff 🤤

Maybe… or kill the entire ecosystem …

Frax king or the Curve Wars ?

Costly mistake


Cool idea

Few hours left to join those quests

From the community

Thug life

building something on Curve ? (Also remember to @ me or send me a pm, so I can feature your work in the NL)