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The Rollup Coaster #20

The Rollup Coaster is a bi-weekly newsletter that dives into the fascinating world of Ethereum, exploring the latest in rollups, zero-knowledge proofs, MEV-PBS, and much more.

This edition is written by Taiko’s Community Advocate Jünger.

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Disclaimer: This newsletter is neither financial advice, nor is indicative of Taiko’s position on any of the material presented. Please do your own research.

Highlights 🎢

  • Ethereum’s rollup-centric approach has resulted in multiple independent chains. There is an ongoing debate among researchers regarding whether the shared sequencer and shared prover can resolve this divergence. The main point of discussion is whether the shared sequencer enables synchronous composability. Dankrad argued that using a shared sequencer and prover can achieve this, as stated in his tweet. Furthermore, Justin Drake clarified this matter in his detailed Q&A article, which can be found here.

  • Justin Drake shared a photo of the first-ever SNARK proving with ASIC. The chip is made by Accseal.

ZK and rollup research 🧙

ZK and rollup updates 🗞️

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Education and events 🎫

  • ETHDenver starts on February 23rd and includes hundreds of events in every category, including ZK and rollups.

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