Posted on Mar 22, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz

[RFC] Compound

In partnership with Compound Grants, Our Network is putting out a Request for Coverage (RFC) on Compound.

Interested contestants should submit a public dashboard (we recommend Dune Analytics, or Flipside Crypto - click here for access) with 6+ data points on Compound's network health using this this submission form. Winning submissions will also be featured in a future Our Network newsletter.

To get started, see below for some ideas:

  • Comparing Compound's daily revenue to COMP issuance
  • Charting reserves for each market over time (e.g., chart showing reserve growth on USDC day by day)
  • Charting % of total borrow for each asset over time (e.g., USDC, 41%, DAI, 40%, USDT 8%, etc.)
  • Utilization rate per asset over time
  • List of largest suppliers and borrowers
  • List of accounts close to being liquidated
  • List of accounts that performed liquidations, listed by dollar amount (notional)

📅 Due Date

  • Friday, April 2nd

💰 Bounty

  • $5k worth of COMP each for the top 3 dashboards
  • $250 worth of COMP to all other applicants

✨ Judge

  • Larry Sukernik (Compound Grants)