William M. Peaster

Posted on Jan 30, 2023Read on Mirror.xyz

Last Call for JPG's Dynamic Canon Exhibition Contest

This is a quick reminder that JPG’s Dynamic Canon exhibitions contest concludes on February 1st, 2023!


JPG has two main products: Canons, which are community-sourced NFT lists, and Exhibitions, which are for curating NFTs. With this ongoing contest, the goal is to showcase these two applications together by having community members create exhibitions that highlight the first projects voted into the Dynamic Canon.

All participants will receive a base reward! For JPG Canonicon NFT holders, this will come as a JXPG boost to increase voting power in Canons governance. For non-Canonicon holders, this will come as an allowlist spot to mint the Canonicon and a JXPG boost.

Keep in mind this competition will also have prizes for the exhibitions judged to be the best, which are as follows:

If you’re interested in participating, here’s how to enter a submission before the Feb. 1st cutoff point:

  • 1) Create an account on jpg.space, then add a username, PFP, and connect your Twitter

  • 2) Create an exhibition and be sure to include the “Dynamic” tag so we can easily find it later

  • 3) Use the NFTs included in the Dynamic Canon as the source material for your exhibition

  • 4) Finish up by publishing your exhibition and then sharing it in the JPG Discord, and that’s it!

Not sure what to do for an exhibition? Feel free to get creative with it or go analytical and do a dive on your favorite dynamic collections, a specific collection, or dynamic sub-categories. For example, #1105, Dynamic Takens Theorem, and End Core are three community submissions you can reference as examples if you’d like.

If you have any questions about this competition or about JPG in general, feel free to swing through our community any time! Good luck, and happy curating everyone.