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🎙️ S8 E4 | Marketing, Storytelling, and Investing Hot Takes w/Jon Wu

Rehash is the first community-owned podcast, where community members help decide key podcast decisions, like which guests we host on the podcast. Rehash is hosted, produced, and edited by Diana Chen.


On this episode of Rehash, we’re speaking with Jon Wu about marketing and investing in crypto.

Jon was nominated by Richie Bonilla and voted onto the podcast by Dan Hunt, Richie Bonilla, Reka, LDF, Forage, fifthworldzach, David Phelps, and Spencer Graham.

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On this episode of Rehash, we’re speaking with Jon Wu about marketing and investing in crypto.

Last season you heard from Jon’s other half, Maggie Love, from SheFi in S7 E9 about onboarding women into crypto, and now we have the opportunity to speak with the other half of this dynamic duo and power couple, Jon.

Jon recently became an early stage investor after a decade of building in crypto and in tech more broadly, and in our conversation today he shares lots of great insights on what he believes to be the most effective marketing strategies in crypto, how he comes up with his unpopular beliefs and hot takes, and where he believes the crypto space currently stands from an investor perspective.

Whether you agree with all of his takes or not, you’ll definitely learn something new and walk away with not only some new perspectives but also tangible action steps you can take to help you formulate your own perspectives.


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