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[Purchases & Prunings] September 2023

I may not collect the most or spend as much as other collectors, but I’m a pretty f*cking consistent collector.

Looking back at my onchain & offchain purchase history, I don’t believe there’s been a month since the summer of 2019 that I haven’t collected at least one digital artwork.

And yet, no matter how long you collect, you always remember your firsts. Of course there can only by one ‘first work I collected’ ($COLR by MLIBTY), but especially as you go deeper into your collector journey and have a solid collection built up, it’s always special when you’re able to add a new artist’s work to your collection.

September was my month to add the American Absurdist par excellence otherwise known as diewiththemostlikes to my personal collection. And not once, but twice! I have a feeling it won’t be long until I add another piece of theirs to my collection either.

Last month also saw a few sales, mostly over on the tezos-based marketplace No crazy prices, but I made a little profit on the tezos works I parted with.

Sometimes in order to help get a market going, folks need to let go of some works lower than they’d like. You’re never going to get a 100,000% return on every piece in your collection, and if you try to you’re never going to sell anything, and newcomers will never be able to acquire anything.

Well, until next month. Happy collecting in the meantime.

Purchases in September 2023

Beef Brothko #96 by diewiththemostlikes (OpenSea)


thank you for your service #3/9 by diewiththemostlikes (Nifty Gateway)


The Scout #6/59 by Metageist (Nifty Gateway) [.glb VR Sculpture]


Midrange Hawkings #32/65 by bongdoe (Nifty Gateway)


Synth.05 Spagoot Twist #17/20 by Roger Kilimanjaro (Nifty Gateway)


Exit.MAD #72/79 by Chepertom (Nifty Gateway)


Orbit #52/79 by Stefan Große Halbuer (Nifty Gateway)


AND! 6 by OONA - feat. SamJ, Violet Bond, Edgar Fabián Frías, David Henry Nobody Jr, DADAGAN (Manifold)


FEWO #15334 by fewocious (Nifty Gateway + Manifold)


CodeTrip #94 by Paradoxx & NineOverZero (

Prunings in September 2023


Cover Image: Beef Brothko #96 by diewiththemostlikes

p.s. loving the NFT embed feature on Mirror, but wish the embed referenced the artist associated to the linked NFT collection instead of the deploying address.

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