True Plebs

Posted on May 26, 2022Read on

True Plebs in Goblin Town

“Down, down to Goblin Town, you go my lad!”

Rumor has it that the market got us down bad — so bad that the Plebs woke up one day, took a look in the mirror, and screamed. They had turned into goblins overnight! Those gnarly hands and earthy complexions could only mean one thing: They were officially in Goblin Town!

Oh well, Goblin Town has its own rules and regulations. And a Pleb, usually lively and light-hearted, can get used to anything. A Pleb knows how to have his own fun: Ask a gobliness or two to dance, steal a treasure or two from the neighborhood dragon, or even create street art of “We Are Never Going Up Again” to scare onlookers.

So be it then, Plebs. We are reveling in our temporary misery and turning it into art. True Plebs in Goblin Town is a collection of 1669 dirt cheap CC0 NFTs for those who’d like to have a talisman from these crashy times. Enjoy!