True Plebs

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Backstory of True Plebs

Early True Plebs

For all the new plebs out there.

At the end of 2020, when the crypto hype was ramping up, 4 pleb friends — yours truly and my friends — started their journey in the crypto world. It was a new experience for us, so we were excited to learn more.

Soon enough, as our knowledge and curiosity grew, more and more people started reaching out to us. So to make communication among like-minded folks more effective, we decided to open a simple Discord server and gather all the plebs in one place. This is how our community of true plebs shaped up and started to grow.

Initially, our community was called “ToTheMoon” — yeah, that’s pretty cringey, I’ll admit. Down the line, we changed the name to “True Plebs.”

With time, we became way more experienced in the space and found some cool wallet tracking insights and other helpful data to share with our pleb community.

We were so inspired by the spirit of our community that we started calling each other plebs.

Who are we tho? Our team consists of a pleb dev, responsible for the technical part, another pleb dev who makes sure the first pleb has no issues on his part, a third pleb who does nothing but wants every pleb in the world to be happy, nvm. and the 4th pleb is me, an ordinary pleb just like you.

One beautiful day we decided to catch our vibe and store it in a bunch of NFTs.

It was tricky but fun to imagine and depict True Plebs as digital art. Luckily, we found a super talented artist we could vibe with. The result was better than we could ever imagine, and more wondrous things are yet to come!

And now we got 5555 unique True Plebs to represent plebs in the NFT & crypto space. The True Plebs collection will be released as public domain under CC0. In the best pleb traditions, you’re free to use the True Plebs collection for any reason and without restriction, personally or commercially. Anything goes!

Well, what’s the plan, Stan? True Plebs doesn’t have a traditional roadmap. We believe that being flexible and not tied to unrealistic roadmaps will help us avoid overpromising and explore new directions to deliver things that are 100% consistent with our ideology. So, in the future, you can expect a logical or somewhat illogical continuation of the True Plebs story. We follow the project wherever it takes us.

We’re pretty sure that a lot of plebs like us are out there, waiting for a supportive community like ours to start their journey in crypto. Don’t! Come hang with us, come thru, come as you are. 

Shoutout to mfers! Somehow they give off some true pleb vibes, cheers pleb sartoshi mfer!

Plebs for Plebs. - alwaysCousin