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Base Beat: Newsletter #2

Short and sweet this week. Here are the latest updates from Base.

The Latest News from Base

  • The Base Regolith Hardfork was completed successfully: Big thanks to node providers Blockdaemon, Quicknode, Infura, and the community for preparing for the transition. Interested in running a Base node? Check out our guide.

  • We’ve been getting inspired by builders in APAC, and have more meetups planned globally. So come meet us around the world! Chances are we’ll be in a place near you, soon. Follow us on Twitter or Discord for updates.

  • Goldsky’s dataset now supports Base testnet: Goldsky’s – a public, decoded dataset of blockchain activity – now supports the Base testnet. Base developers can now analyze token transactions, NFT collections, and event logs all on your local machine. Check out

Curious Corner: Discord Q&A Gems

Here’s a recap of topics our Discord community has recently been most curious about. Join us for our weekly Friday Q&As where we answer these in the Base Discord #base-stage channel.

  • What features are planned on Base? We’re currently laser-focused on ensuring devs have what they need to build on mainnet, and we’ll be releasing more of our roadmap soon.

  • Rewards for early Base supporters? There is no token, no airdrop, and NFTs are only commemorative.

  • What makes Base different than other L2s? We aim to make Base low cost, easy to use and developer friendly, powered with the Coinbase muscle for security. Base will make it easy to build dapps with access to Coinbase’s products, users, and tools, with streamlined product integrations and access to the $130B in assets on the Coinbase platform.

  • Progress schedule for testnet? We recently completed the Regolith Hardfork and continued testing is going very well as planned, as we get closer to mainnet. Stay tuned for more updates.

Base All-Stars: Spotlighting Projects & Builders

Each week in our Base Discord, talented builders who are developing on Base come hang out with us live. Here are a few of the most recent ones:

  • Blockdaemon: You can use Blockdaemon’s API endpoints to access Base testnet through Blockdaemon. Tip for devs? Be curious, meet people, and keep building.

  • Infura: You can sign up for private beta waitlist to access Base on Infura. Their tip for builders? Check out the developer guide to the web3 stack for an overview of different front-end libraries, infrastructure, and smart contract design.

  • Quicknode: Check out Quicknode’s resources for Base.

  • wagmi: wagmi is a collection of React Hooks containing solutions to start working with Ethereum. Visit their website and Github to check out all resources available, including Viem, a collection of modules that interface with Ethereum, and ABIType. wagmi’s top advice for builders? Focus on the fundamentals and invest in solutions that make it easier to build.

What’s next?

Don’t miss out on our upcoming announcements and connect with Base on Twitter and Discord. We’ll also be sharing some upcoming meetups we have planned around the world.

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