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Ownership: Chinese Telecommunications Purchasing Centre's Senior Manager, Condole Retirement, made a modest contribution


According to information within the China Telecommunications Group, the former Group’s senior manager of the Supply Chain Management Centre, Kongo, retired, and he was in fact a senior manager of the second line transfer sector who had just retreated in the past year, and the operator’s financial network attempted to introduce it.

China’s telecommunications sector was known to have undergone a reform of the former Ministry of Procurement in 2020, renamed the Supply Chain Management Centre. At that time, Kona became the head of the newly restructured Department Procurement Unit at the level of three-tier managers.

By 2022, Kona’s position was no longer the head of the Chinese Telecommunications Group’s procurement room, which was in fact the second line. At the same time, the former Chief of the Quality Management Unit is the Senior Adviser in the Quality Management Room.

However, unlike the week, it was then a senior manager of the subsector. In general, only the second line of leadership at the secondary level of the group sector was passed on to the senior manager, and the Koranic coincided with an increase in the rank, but no real job.

In the business sector, such retirements are not unusual, and this is an honour for the recognition and reward of a peaceful career.

So far, the Conakry is officially retiring.

The Procurement Department has been a more important sector for operators and has played an important role in cost reduction, and it has been successful to eventually be able to return to the second line at the level of secondary deputy.

It is worth noting that in recent years there has also been a number of retirements in the sector, including the former head of the department, Lee Myung, the former deputy head of the department, the honour of others. The Department’s leadership now includes the Director-General, the Deputy Director-General, the Deputy Director-General, the Deputy Director-General, the Sensite, etc., and has been “updated for generations”.