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🚀veDAO Daily News 12/28/2022

veDAO is committed to providing a transparent and easy-to-access platform for all financiers, investors, and community attendants through democratic voting. With veDAO, all the participants will share the benefits of the project and benefits from the top-level project in the future.


  1. Assessing the state of ETC as its hashrate touches lowest level since the merge

  2. Report: Nigerian Security Agency Seeks to Arrest Central Bank Governor on Charges of Funding Terrorists

  3. Crypto Stocks Continue Sell-off as COIN and HOOD Hit New Monthly Lows

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StarryNift StarryNift is a gamified metaverse co-creation platform, bringing to you immersive 3D virtual experiences where you can Play, Create and Socialize. StarryNift aims to be an open Web3 gateway into the metaverse and we do so through uniting projects, communities and DAOs to develop and co-create our 3D metaverse together.


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Overview of a16z's investment portfolio (Active Portfolio)

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