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🚀veDAO Financing Daily News 11/15/2023

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Amount: $8 million

Stages: Series A

Date: November 14

Investors: Sfermion, Foresight Ventures, SM Culture Partners, Laguna Investment, KDDI Open Innovation Fund

Category: Entertainment

Description: Modhaus is a Web3 project aiming to promote Korean Pop culture via blockchain technology. The company brings fans closer to creators by putting them at the center of the experience. Modhaus seeks to include fans across major stages of production using NFT-powered governance mechanisms.



【2】BC Group

Amount: HK$710 million

Stages: Strategic Financing

Date: November 14

Investors: BGX

Category: Digital Assets, Solutions

Description: BC Technology Group is an investment holding company, with its primary business in digital assets and blockchain platforms. It operates three core business divisions: OSL, its digital asset and blockchain platform business providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, brokerage services, automated trading platforms and insured custody services to institutional and professional investors, conducted through its offices in Hong Kong and Singapore; an advertising business in Mainland China that provides customized advertising and marketing services to customers in the automotive and other industries; and a business park management division that provides business park operation and management services.




Amount: Undisclosed

Stages: Seed round

Date: November 14

Investors: Stake Capital, LongHash Ventures, STIX, Eterna Capital, Fenbushi Capital, OKX Ventures, Foresight Ventures, SevenX Ventures, Builder Capital, Bixin Ventures, UOB Venture, NxGen, CMS Holdings, Aglaé Ventures, Signum Capital, Moonrock Capital

Category: Infrastructure, Layer2, zk

Description: Kakarot is a zkEVM written in Cairo. It aims to allow users to leverage the scaling benefits of validity rollups while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem. Therefore, Kakarot can be used to run Ethereum smart contracts on Starknet.



About veDAO

veDAO is a one-stop platform for web3 trend tracking & intelligent trading driven by AI. It combines the market phenomena presented by big data analysis with the massive trading liquidity and is committed to creating a web3 AI exchange that would be beneficial for both Web2 and Web3 users to trade and invest.

veDAO has an industry-leading AI large language model composed of on-chain analysis and sentiment indicators, providing users with active data support. Integrated by intelligent, fast, safe, and real-time monitoring AI trading function design, as of now, the number of highly active users has exceeded 37,000, with over 22,000+ Twitter KOLs, also onboarded 180+ professional organizations belonging to the veDAO expert committee. The platform listed exceeds 8,300+, with 220+ talent scouts continuously adding Web3 projects.

veDAO upgrades products at a bi-weekly rate, determined to build a bridge from Web2 to Web3, and serves all domain users to check projects, see trends, and find both alpha primary investments and secondary trading.