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World Supercomputer Summit 2023 Recap

Calling projects and contributors!


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Credit: Hyper Oracle

Letter to community

Dear community,

The inagural World Supercomputer Summit (WSCS1) took place last Thursday, May 18, 2023 in Montenegro, where builders gathered for Zuzalu. We’re overjoyed by your interests and presences during this half-day event. We relished the opportunity to meet and engage in extended discussions with many of you. And you have become a source of inspiration.

In the past couple days, we continued to refine and improve the World Supercomputer proposal. The World Supercomputer concept came about during EthDenver in February and this remains a work in progress. We outlined several research areas over the weekend to keep our claims and considerations comprehensive. Our hope is to prioritize and back them with in-depth exploration in the coming months.

Shortly after our event, on May 21, Vitalik wrote about not overloading Ethereum’s consensus. At its core, World Supercomputer enhances compute power and storage capacity for Ethereum without tampering with its consensus and security.

Vitalik's May 21 tweet

Source: @VitalikButerin

World Supercomputer is a set of topologically heterogenous peer-to-peer networks connected by secure databus. While Ethereum consensus maintains its global ledger, the specizlized networks scale compute and storage capacity. We're committed to supporting Ethereum as the World Computer and its ecosystem for the future of DeFi, zkML, AI x Crypto, etc.

For a quick introduction to the World Supercomputer, view the latest deck here.

Intro to World Supercomputer

Source: Suede, link to presentation


Our event wouldn’t have been possible without our speakers. Take a look at what’ve been discussed below, in order of appearance.

Cathie, Privacy & Scaling Explorations Team (Ethereum Foundation) - @drCathieSo_eth

Cathie has recently co-authored AIGC NFT EIP-7007 with Xiaohang from Hyper Oracle. This proposal is a ERC-721 extension interface for zkML based AIGC NFTs and aims at inspiring new zkML use cases on Ethereum - head over to Ethereum Magicians for active discussion. She has walked us through how the World Supercomputer architecture can enable zkML on Ethereum and what research initiatives PSE is spearheading. Cathie is a reviewer of the World Sueprcomputer litepaper.

Cathie So at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: Cathie So, link to presentation

Qi, EthStorage - @qc_qizhou

Qi is the founder of EthStorage and an active Ethereum ecosystem contributor. He is (co)author of EIP-4804/4972/5018/5027/6150. EthStorage aims at solving Ethereum’s data availability and storage limitation, which is a key storage network example under the World Supercomputer architecture. He has covered the tech stack including the newest web3:// Access Protocol. EthStorage is the winner of EDCON2023 Super Demo - congrats Team! Qi is a contributor of the World Supercomputer litepaper.

Qi Zhou at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: Qi Zhou, link to presentation

Xiaohang, Hyper Oracle - @HyperOracle

Xiaohang is core researcher at Hyper Oracle, a zkOracle protocol on Ethereum which can act as a decentralized computation network under the World Supercomputer architecture. Hyper Oracle supercharges Ethereum with arbitrary compute power. The World Supercomputer concept and architecture originate from Xiaohang. He has thoroughly enjoyed sharing and discussing with all of you at our event and throughout EDCON - thank you for the feedback!

Xiaohang Yu at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: Xiaohang Yu, link to presentation

HZ, Morph AI - @hz_xuuu

HZ is the founder of Morph AI and believes AIGC is the game changer in short-form video recommendation system. Morph AI deploys large language model (LLM) to generate move script with short prompts. During HZ’s presentation, we’ve already seen the text-to-GIFs demo live on Discord and run a few prompts like “spaceship landing on the moon” and “pink dog in a wedding with Queen of England”. Try it now on official website Imagine how running Morph AI in World Supercomputer (AI x Crypto) will revolutionalize the creator’s economy!

HZ at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: HZ, link to presentation

Shumo, Poseidon ZKP - @shumochu

Shumo is the founder of Poseidon ZKP and cofounder of Manta Network. He is also a proud contributor at Nouncs DAO. As an experienced and relentless builder, Shumo has come across the challenges zkDApps buidlers face today and articulated Poseidon ZKP’s value-added modular stack as solutions. Poseidon ZKP is an essential part of the World Supercomputer stack.

Shumo Chu at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: Shumo Chu, link to presentation

DCBuilder, Worldcoin - @DCbuild3r

DC is a research engineer at Worldcoin and runs a public good blockchain development guide called DC also organizes a zkML community on Telegram. DC has introduced zkML and brought us use cases that World Supercomputer can enable e.g. complex computation like zkML. This is your first guide to zkML.

DCBuilder at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: DCBuilder, link to presentation

Daniel, Modulus Labs - @ModulusLabs

Daniel is the co-founder of Modulus Labs, bringing AI on-chain via zkp. He has shared the most cross-referenced zkML case at our event, “Leela vs the World”, the world’s first on-chain AI game. Of course, that’s only one of the many use cases. Daniel is a reviewer of the World Supercomputer litepaper.

Daniel Shorr at World Supercomputer Summit

Source: Daniel Shorr, link to presentation

Thank you

We express our deep appreciation to our co-host EthStorage for their support - Qi for sharing his knowledge on Ethereum and contributing to World Supercomputer - as well as to our guests who have participated in the World Supercomputer Summit in any way.

For feedback specific to World Supercomputer, let’s discuss openly on

Until next time! Suede Hyper Oracle

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