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Invite Links - A Step Towards Easier DAO Payroll Administration

DAOs have to deal with a swarm of contributors looking to do their best for the community. It’s absolutely vital that payroll administration is done optimally to keep up with operational requirements. Delineating ad hoc payments & non payroll related bulk payouts from payroll settlement is also a major need for streamlining payroll admin work.

And we’ve deployed a critical feature to address both these needs:

Parcel has launched invite links to make the life of DAO operators easier & optimize payroll admin work.

They serve 2 purposes:

Streamlining Payroll Onboarding For Contributors

One of the biggest nightmares for a DAO operator is the errors that occur when they input contributor information (Name, Wallet Address) & the subsequent losses that happen when settlement is executed to the wrong address.

Onboarding Contributors with Invite Links

Now with our invite links you can onboard contributors onto your payroll without any worry of data input errors.

You can make these invite links time bound to prevent spam requests & repetition of contributor information beyond the expected timelines. Once the contributor clicks on the invite link, he can fill in his name & sign in using his preferred wallet.

Contributor Onboarding Window

After he’s signed in, it’ll be reflected immediately on the People Section completing the payroll onboarding process onto Parcel. The contributors will now be able to make their normal payment requests & get paid easily simplifying the payroll user experience for them

Parcel has enabled batched invites for onboarding as well. An operator can now assign tags within these invite links & a threshold number of contributors for preventing spam of these invites. After the contributors sign in, their details will be reflected according to the working group or preferred classification easing up on onboarding admin work.

One major benefit of the invite link is the streamlining of payroll administration work through Parcel & prevention of personal data leakage across multiple apps. Eliminate the messy & time consuming coordination of info from multiple apps such as Discord & email by sending invite links to your new contributors.

Second, for Non Payroll & Ad Hoc Payment Settlement

Every DAO operator fears this one moment after a bounty’s completed. Handling the flood of bounty winner info messages that’s posted in the Discord. He has to sit & verify all that info before having it added onto a transaction.

The time & effort put into it, the possible payment errors will all be potent triggers for a stress induced but highly engaging tweet storm on why web3 is a mess & how we’re all reinventing the wheel.

Not if you’re a Parcel user though! :)

Our Payment Requests Page now supports invite links to execute bounty settlements & ad hoc payments with ease.

Invite Link for collecting Payment Request

Now deploy invite links to your discord channel & streamline information through Parcel easily. The bounty winners will be able to access a multi token payment request page where they can fill in the required info & attach files if necessary for faster verification.

Payment Request Window

Batched Payment Requests

Parcel also supports invites for batched payment requests where tags can be assigned to classify payment categories & once the contributors fill out the payment requests, they're all aggregated into a separate section to delineate it away from payroll transactions & provides ease of execution for the operator in one go.

Other restrictions to prevent abuse of invite links such as invite limits & duration till expiry are also provided before deployment.

Batched Payment Requests

An advantage here is that bounty payments are not added into the payroll ensuring both easy settlement & saves you from unnecessary admin work. Payroll data integrity from one off or non payroll transaction data is hence maintained properly this way.

Now sit back & execute bounties & one off payments with ease while Parcel handles all that messy payroll admin & settlement work for you!

Payment settlement is a critical operation/ feature for most DAOs & having it customized & integrating within their product offerings will be vital for DAOs to fully display true product market fit & be the beacons of web3. Parcel will be coming out with a game changing feature for the DAO ecosystem to address that.

Stay tuned for next week!