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Indictment of a non-purification company due to two years of abuse by a large shareholder of medicinal drugs was questioned

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It is well known that the licensing regime will set out the procedures for holding shareholders in listed companies and the obligation to disclose information. However, a number of shareholders in the company A have been questioned by the regulatory authorities, in disregard of the relevant provisions and in violation of the rules.

On 8 May, the Medical Research and Development Service Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “intellectual Medicine”, 300149.SZ) issued a circular stating that the shareholders of the company had received deep-held regulatory correspondence for breaching the obligation to disclose information.

On the other hand, medicinal medicine has been less profitable for nearly two years, with a combined loss of more than 1 billion yuan renminbi in 2021 and 2022. The value of the ITS unit also dropped from the top 25 to less than 10 yuan. The ability to improve the performance and equity of medicinal medicine in 2023 has yet to be tested over time.

Untimely disclosure of shareholder irregularities

According to the bulletin, the combined share of the eight leading companies in the North Sea (hereinafter referred to as “the eight North Seas”) that were a former constitutional passion and its unanimous actioner decreased from 24.55 per cent to 16.25 per cent between 25 March 2016 and 27 September 2022, with a cumulative decline of 8.30 per cent.

It was further indicated that transactions had not been discontinued in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Securities Act when the cumulative change in the combined share of eight North Seas had reached 5 per cent. The Institute also concluded that eight copies of the Constitution and the North Sea failed to comply in a timely manner with the obligation to disclose information until 28 September 2022. It was further considered that the eight originals of the Constitution and the North Sea violated the relevant provisions, such as the rules on the listing of entrepreneurship panels.

It also calls for the use of medicinal medicine, past constitutional practices and eight bona fide letters in the North Sea to comply with the obligation to trade in listed company stocks and to comply with the obligation to disclose information in a timely manner; and to pay due attention to the above-mentioned issues, learn lessons and adapt them in a timely manner so as to prevent the recurrence of these problems.

At present, the issue referred to in the regulatory letter has not yet been answered and clarified by medicinal medicine.

A quarterly report shows that, as at the end of March 2023, eight North Seas had 13.69 per cent shares in medicinal medicine and had a constitutional share of 2.55 per cent in medicinal medicine. At the same time, the Constitution also held 70 per cent of the eight North Sea shares.

This is to say, the constitutional holding of 12.13 per cent of the share of medicinal medicine by direct plus indirect (eight in the North Sea) is higher than that of the second-largest shareholder of medicinal medicine (10.24 per cent) of the shareholders of the partnership in the management of the magnetic field (limited partnership) and is the actual controller of medicinal medicine.

It was also announced that in 2022 alone, the Constitutional Economy and eight North Seas had accumulated a reduction in the amount of 1970,055 million in medicinal medicinal medicinal medicine, which now stands at nearly 200 million yuan renminbi.

Two years of “incapacitated” loss of more than 1 billion

The actual control over the other face of a large-scale hand-held bag has been kept under pressure for two consecutive years.

Financial data show that in 2021, 2022, the principal income for medicinal medicine was 1.69 billion yuan renminbi and 1.27 billion yuan renminbi, with a net return of $402 million and $379 million yuan renminbi, with a net profit of $422 million and $607 million for the same period.

As can be seen, the combined loss of medicinal medicine for two years with a net profit of more than $1 billion. Between 2018 and 2020, there was an annual net profit of 0.83 to 150 million yuan for medicinal medicine.

Two years of “non-calculation” of medicinal medicine

Why have the profitability declined sharply? According to the annual report, the loss in performance in 2021 of medicinal medicine was due to a loss in commercial goodwill that occurred after the previous acquisition of the Shanghai Toxicology Chemical Research Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the top sea ideologies”) with $2,382 million. In 2021, a reduction in the amount of oxygen from the upper sea was prepared for 3.638 million.

In 2022, the net return of the mother tongue medicine was $379 million, a significant increase from the loss of $402 million in 2021, but the net profit of the medicinal medicine was still at a loss of $602 million after deduction of non-recurrent gains and losses.

According to the annual report, the non-recurrent gains and losses in thorium medicine for 2022 include, among other things, the proceeds of investments in the disposal of subsidiary high-量 (Hong-East) Bio Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the high-量”). This is just as much as $1,391 million. The medicinal medicine indicates that, after the introduction of a life-saving operation (i.e., the ion company’s high volume), the company will concentrate on the medicinal research and development and production services (CRO/CDMO) operation in Shanghai.

However, more operationally focused medicinal medicine was not available in 2023. A quarterly report shows that the principal income for the first three months of this year for medicinal medicine was $269 million, at a net loss of $2856.9 million for the mother and a net loss of income of $326.81 million, which was 30.45 per cent, 40.1.63 per cent and 49.91 per cent, respectively, over the same period last year.

Over 20 per cent of equity prices have fallen since this year

The public information shows that the front-loaded medicinal medicine was on the market in December 2010 at the deep entrepreneurship board. In 2018, the former constitutional passion and its co-components included occupants in high volume, including through cash plus stock exchange. In June 2018, CHF was renamed as a biomass and eventually renamed as a medicinal medicine in September 2020. The main company operations have also been transformed from the former yuan renminbi to the CRO/CDMO operation.

The annual report shows that the BSCRO share of total revenue generation in 2022, up to 54.91 per cent, the chemical CRO share 27.29 per cent, the large molecules CDMO share 6.23 per cent, and the low-pool sugar and semi-pooled sugar are less than 10 per cent.

The price of medicinal medicine has also experienced a wave of upwards after the company has changed.

Wind data show that, by 2020, medicinal medicine was standing at about 16 yuan renminbi. In May 2020, medicinal medicine was rebounded from around 10 yuan renminbi and by the end of September 2020 to a peak of 24.79 yuan renminbi/unit for nearly three years.

In June 2021, the artisan medicine came from around 20 yuan renminbi.