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Launching veDAO Community Bounty Program

To grow our community and to encourage users' participation, veDAO Community Governance Committee launched the '1000USDT Community Bounty Program' to welcome more users to join the community, share valuable information about the blockchain industry in the community every day, and make contributions to the development of veDAO. All contributors will be considered to have a certain reward.

Share for Rewards (400USDT)

Date: Jan.18th-Feb.17th

Eligibility: Users share the relevant & latest news more than 5 times in Telegram group and Discord server for at least 3 consecutive days.


Gold*1 - 50USDT

Silver*5 - 20USDT*5

Bronze*10 - 10USDT*10

Rest Participants share 150USDT

The above rewards will be awarded according to the number of effective shares and activity ranking of individual users

Note: The latest news related to investment and financing in blockchain industry, the news of popular and latest project launch and various events released by famous media & KOL within 24H are considered VALID information. Repeated sharing of information already sent by other users is INVALID.

Invite for Rewards(300USDT)

Date: Jan.18th-Feb.17th

Eligibility: Invite at least 5 people each on Telegram and Discord

Prize: All eligible participants share the 300USDT prize pool

To avoid bots, and to make sure that real users have a better experience, the invitation prize campaign has lowered the threshold for winning. The invitation to both English & Chinese groups will be considered valid.

Note: Claiming rewards requires you to provide your Twitter, Telegram, Discord accounts and ALL the usernames you invited to veDAO community.

Chat for Rewards(300USDT)

Date: Jan.18th-Feb.17th

Eligibility: Users need to speak at least 10 times in Telegram groups and Discord for 3 consecutive days, including both Chinese group/channel and English group/channel.


1st - 50USDT*1

2nd - 11st - 10USDT*10

Rest Eligible Participants share 150USDT

Note: To make the community a better place and create a fair and active environment for users, repetitive and invalid messages will not be counted in the chat data and will probably cause the cancellation of the prize.

Community users can participate in all activities at the same time. After the open, fair and transparent evaluation, the results of the winners will be announced 5 working days after the end of the activities and the rewards will be sent to the users' wallets within 5 working days after the announcement of the results.

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veDAO, led by DAO, is an investing/financing platform. Utilizing the wisdom of the masses, the platform gives full play to the elite insight. The platform, finding and supporting the most potential projects through the voting mechanism, builds a community, composed of financiers, investors, and DAO members, with shared interests, thus enabling everyone to do his part and benefit from it.

veDAO is committed to providing a transparent and easy-to-access platform for all financiers, investors, and community attendants through democratic voting. With veDAO, all the participants will share the benefits of the project and benefit from the top-level project in the future.