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Posted on Oct 12, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz

Ep 6 | Looking back, looking forward

Cheating here. Tea Time text on Oct 12. Vlog w/ Flex recorded last Friday. But this was too apropos.

One of the greatest gifts of the past year or so has been the amazing people I’ve met as a result of tumbling down the crypto and web3 rabbit hole.

I ventured into the Krause House Discord in June to experience a bit of the off-the-charts creative juju that I was hearing about via the crypto grapevine.

Well, I found that incredible energy…but best of all, I also found Flex Chapman, co-founder of Krause House.

I was so happy that Flex joined me last Friday on the vlog. He was super gracious with his time and our nearly one-hour jam session meandered through:

▹ The importance of working a ritual of “pause and reflect” into one’s life. (Flex brought up a surprising analogy found in the world of software development!)

▹ The best DAO onboarding experience I’ve had to date.

▹ Flex’s re-discovery of the power of cohort-based activities.

▹ Flex’s journey through the Seed Club accelerator (and how there may be no such thing as a blueprint or subject matter expert in crypto).

▹ Why a broader conception of onboarding may be needed, embracing the entire DAO community and helping folks onramp to web3, DeFi, etc. (Krause House University, here we come!)

▹ FWB pets, plants & home decor channels…folks have a million other places on the Web to talk about these things, but they choose to do so in the FWB Discord. What’s the secret sauce?

Understand the user persona, says Flex. There’s a wide array of people coming through a Discord with unique goals and interests. But…We can’t solve for everyone, either.

▹ What does Flex think are the top psychological motivations that drive not just membership but deep commitment to a DAO? (h/t Scott Mandel.)

▹ How do you protect the vitality and creative energy of an org while setting up forms/ structures to support its growth?

▹ The most powerful paradox: passionately believing everything is broken while simultaneously, deeply surrendering and trusting in the process. Ask, Flex says, what could go right?

▹ Take those 1:1 calls with your fellows in the DAO! Voice > text. Game-changing, says Flex.

▹ What’s the most powerful question you can ask on a 1:1?


signing off, with gratitude to Flex,


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