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w3bs3c.com - Searchable repository of web 3 security resources - v1.0 Release


Release Time

Web3Sec - Introduction

This is a searchable curated repository of web 3 security resources that have been aggregated from a variety of sources over the interwebz, for the purposes of facilitating smart contract auditing (SCA) across two L1 chains. Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL). This repository contains the following

  1. Tools - Open source tools that facilitate smart contract auditing (SCA)
  2. CTF’s - CTF’s that have been specifically made for learning SCA
  3. 101s - Sources for learning development and SCA
  4. Vid - Youtube video tutorials on SCA
  5. Bounty - Bounty programs for web 3 security. Of which the most famous one being Immunefi

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After reading about the numerous DeFi hacks - cryptosec.info, rekt.news, GutteDefi ,that have resulted in the loss of large values and dismay of countless number of apes. I was motivated to dive deep into the seemingly convoluted path of web 3 security. My investigation has revealed that actual learning resources are quite scattered in a dark forest of community member posts on a variety of discords.

Recognizing this need, I have taken the time to put up a central source of all these scattered resources. This work will be perpetually in progress as I progress in my understanding by diving deep into the code and research possible vulnerabilities.

About Myself

Lets just say security has been sort of a past time of mine. While I haven’t racked up p1’s or p2’s from the web2 world. I am no stranger to dupes & informational submissions. I am actively researching web 3 technologies for my own endeavours, and the security component of it just simply cant be ignored.


The fantastic community members of the following discords of the bounty programs have been pivotal in gathering all the resources on this site. With the majority of the resources collected from the social media posts of Immunefi.