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very brief compendium of bear

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bear?

If the answer is not the summer of 1940, there's something wrong with your answer and let me tell you why.

This compendium is a very humble effort to explain everything that has ever happened with bear since it's conception.

Bear is not a state of mind contrary to what many people will want you to think. Charlatans always want you to believe in new ideas that slightly deviate from the norm so you can feel that fresh breeze of innovation while keeping safely within the socially accepted radicalness of ideas. Society has a limit on how radical one can be before they start alienating you. Charlatans won't cross that line. But they want you to think they are.

Bear has been to many historical places and have witnessed many important events in human history.

There's very little value in sharing the details of bear visit to Roman colosseum. We would require at least a couple additional lifetimes to get into the details of bear adventures.

We will begin by focusing on one of the most relevant events that truly transformed bear from being a witness of the universal phenomena of existence into an active participant.

But first let us define how can someone participate in this struggle. To be a participant you simply have to chose to be one. The mere desire roaming through your soul is enough to start the spark. Once the spark is there the universal machinery gets going. Nothing else is required. Things will go their way for the participants. You won't be extra lucky or some weird stuff like that. But the universe will know that you are in charge know. Like when you're at the bar of a hotel and how it is different when you actually have a room.

So what is this curious event that defined bear and changed existence forever. It was the very moment that bear decided to learn to write. Bear was never an-alphabet by any means. To be a bear you have to understand your way through many different context and languages. Wherever you go you will be in charge of your own survival. And given that you are in a somewhat civilized society (by modern human standards) you must likely will need to communicate to survive. bear can get his way in nature. Of course bear can catch a wild salmon on a river to survive. But if it was possible for bear to order a sizzling bacon cheeseburger on a very fancy restaurant what do you think bear will do? I mean, what would you do?

So bear was looking for a change scenery on his daily routine. Bear could read and write of course, but bear wanted to really understand what was behind sharing your whole mind with the world. I mean writing was mostly dumping your mind towards anybody who would care enough to read it? Or writing maybe had to a bit more with believing in something and then trying to find your equals through existence. Like sending a flare gun with words and hoping someone could get interested in finding you through the shattering noise of existence.

So this day that bear finally gathered some of the most interesting thoughts that had around. Bear even asked a couple friends over pints what was really worth sharing. And nobody was really sure. I mean through existence you will be interested in an ample catalog of subjects. And most of them are timely. By the time you stop being young the adventure become a little lackluster. And depending on your personality anxiety can really be an important demon to conquer. What bear needed was an anchor. A way to stop the rush of all ideas he had witnessed and once centered in a common point with humanity he could finally let the words flow.

But after spending numerous days and nights writing nonsense bear decided to stop and take a step back. Bear decided he needed to start reading literature in order to comprehend the greatest writers. Maybe translate them first to get a feel of what it would be like to be in their minds while writing. Bear was definitely an overachiever of sorts, so he started inventing languages as well. No task was easy enough. Bear translated Borges from spanish to english and vice versa. Bear read Virginia Woolf from start to finish, translated to esperanto and a very rustic dialect that bear invented in a couple weeks. Bear went through the whole Hemingway phase. Bear devoured the Catcher in the Rye. Bear went to watch the ducks in central park even.

Sadly the inspiration was still not there. Bear finally discovered some sort of silver lining the moment he glimpsed over one particular short story that would define his somewhat short writing career, that story was "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius".