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W3P: A-Line

Mobile app that connects multiple people in line for tickets, food, swag, etc.

When you’re near the front of the line, you create a new “order” in the app via taking a selfie (for accountability) and sharing with the people around you that have the app open. People can then add to your order (“2 cokes, 1 🌭, 1 🍕”) & send payment up front in the app. Item amount + tax + a 5% fee for the orderer + 3% for the app.

Funds are held in escrow and released once everyone signals the order has been distributed. 🤝

Vendors gain efficiency from managing fewer orders but for substantially larger size, all without having to manage the distribution of goods which is done away from the counter. App provides customer support, similar to DoorDash/etc, and insurance for messed up orders.

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