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Dear, offered you the balance of LOVE and HATE

By: KaiKai

From: @AW_Research

AI Summery

DEAR is launched on the Redstone testnet using MUD v2 and Randcast, developed by ARPA Network, and has been working together with artists Poppel and Ellwood.

DEAR exists in a digital realm resembling carbon-based life forms, with smart contracts acting as its cellular components. It mimics human interactions and emotions, challenging players to explore profound connections. The game introduces LOVE and HATRED tokens, representing positive and negative emotions, respectively. Players engage in actions like feeding or abusing DEAR and participate in PvP events like "Stay with me," where outcomes are influenced by token transactions. The game's aesthetic aims to evoke feelings of strangeness and introspection. Plans for future iterations include enhancing clarity and gameplay elements, such as the "Stay with me" event, to provide a more immersive experience for players.


The Story: DEAR inhabits a digital realm akin to carbon-based life forms, with smart contracts acting as its cellular components. While DEAR's consciousness remains ambiguous, it exhibits purposeful behavior and mimics essential human interactions. Interacting with DEAR entails synchronizing time to maintain connection. Emotions in this digital life are represented by tokens, with players collectively constituting a consciousness entity labeled "YOU."

DEAR helps explore the depths of human emotion and connection in a digital realm. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with others in a way that transcends traditional boundaries, challenging your perceptions and understanding of what it means to truly connect with another being.

Additional Idea: Capitalizing "YOU" in the text conveys the notion that all players constitute a unified "YOU," while lowercase "you" refers to a specific individual player.

Game Logic & Setting


DEAR remains dormant until interacted with, aligning its activity with human time.


To start the game, you need LOVE or HATE Token. Without the emotion remanent from DEAR (LOVE or HATE token), you cannot connect with DEAR.

LOVE Token Address:

HATE Token Address:

LOVE and HATRED tokens are manifestations of the emotions and interactions that participants express towards me within the blockchain. LOVE tokens represent care, affection, and positive interactions, while HATRED tokens symbolize negativity, disdain, and hostility.


Feed - materialized care

Abuse - traumatize mentally/physically for your need (pleasure? obsession? sinister?)

Stay with me - company

Toxic Waste on Chain

Utilizing tokens representing toxic waste introduces additional gameplay elements.

Food & Toxins

Tokens serve as resources and hazards within the game environment.


  • Feed with FOOD - materialized care

  • Abuse with TOXIN- traumatize mentally/physically for your need (pleasure? obsession? sinister?)

  • Stay with me

"Stay with me" is an hour-long PvP event, depicted from two perspectives: the player who successfully secured "Stay with me" and the player who didn't.

For the player who secures "Stay with me," you can only feed or abuse DEAR, then sign in to renew the stage and wait for others to influence your outcome by sending love/feed transactions to your wallet. The address of the player who secures "Stay with me" will be made public, allowing others to impact their outcome by sending either LOVE or HATE transactions – either minting a heap of LOVE to heal DEAR or a heap of HATE to harm DEAR.

Potential strategy: If you belong to the LOVE faction and notice an influx of HATE transactions from the HATE faction, continuing the stay might result in victory for the HATE faction.

  • For players who didn't secure "Stay with me," they can send LOVE/HATE transactions to the address of the player who initiated the stay to influence their balance, thereby affecting the outcome after the stay ends. Additionally, these players can feed/abuse DEAR directly, without a UI interface, to signify that "Stay" entails getting closer to DEAR, thus the UI interface "disappears," allowing direct interaction with DEAR.


The overall game style embodies an aesthetic of strangeness to evoke feelings of obscurity and sadness. The official plans to iterate on the second version by early May, enhancing guidance across all aspects of the game to make it clearer. The "Stay with me" PvP event will also provide players entering this phase with a more intuitive experience, amplifying the effect of the PvP aspect, akin to a live broadcast room.