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Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Recall from 02 SEE THROUGH that:

  1. Lovers and artists are mad. If you disagree with the statement, you are neither.

  2. Sanity is the state of being in alignment with the status quo. Any deviation, no matter how far, is madness. How far you stray defines how mad you are.

I recently came across a meme that depicted some rather colorful characters with a caption that brooked no argument that this was unsavory.

Exhibit A:

The contempt here is palpable. We simply cannot allow people to be themselves and express themselves freely. This flies in the face of all that is normative and holy in the Land of the Free™️. What the creators and adherents to this meme fail to understand is that this idea of freedom of expression should be limited to the normative helps underlie the reality of a meme that pits how we perceive ourselves compared to how we actually are.

Exhibit B:

“Freedom of expression? If it’s not in a suit and tie of bland colors, it shouldn’t be allowed on television! Or in the office! Or in the house!”

This is life in the Land of the Free™️. This is what we currently define as sanity. No one is allowed to step out off the line outside of predetermined situations. Isn’t that fun?

There’s a saying: Do no harm but take no shit. Another way to say this: Do what you want, just don’t hurt anyone. And this gets thrown around quite a bit, but only those who are willing to step off the line actually adhere to this.

Everyone else? Fuckin’ nuts, and not in the fun way.


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