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Blockchain Game Explainer: What is PlayZap

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Data Source: PlayZap Dashboard

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What is PlayZap

PlayZap Game is a competitive gaming platform designed for mainstream casual gamers, using blockchain technology for security and transparency. The game follows the “Free to Play. Skill to Earn.”, allowing players to access games with no upfront costs, but rewarding skill and performance with tokens. The skill-based gameplay gives players the opportunity to show off their skills and earn rewards, with higher skill levels leading to greater rewards.


PlayZap’s focus on casual gamers, blockchain, a sustainable token economy and NFTs aims to create an engaging and rewarding gaming environment for a broad audience.

Introducing the PlayZap Team

Co-founded by Abhishek Buchvani and Taha Shahda, PlayZap operates under a “free-to-play” philosophy, ensuring free access to the platform. The team places a high value on player skill, time, and loyalty, implementing a “Skill to Earn” principle that directly rewards dedication and skill and encourages progression within the platform.

Data of PlayZap

Blockchain game data analysis is critical for investors, developers and players.

It helps investors evaluate a game’s performance and potential returns when operating blockchain game research. Developers can use it to improve game features and user experience based on player behavior. For players, it ensures transparency and fairness in game mechanics and the value of their assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

As a result, it promotes informed decision-making and trust among all stakeholders.

User Metrics

User metrics are key indicators of a game’s performance and health. They include data such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), retention, and churn.

PlayZap Daily Active Users

In the case of PlayZap, we observed a notable fluctuation in this important metric, with DAUs fluctuating between 2,000 and 7,000.

Engagement Data

Engagement data refers to the depth of a player’s interaction with a game. It includes metrics such as transactions, trading volume, frequency of play, and in-game actions.

This data is critical for developers to understand player behavior and preferences so they can optimize the game for better engagement.

PlayZap Daily Volume by Chain

PlayZap was mainly carried out on the EOS chain. The key observation is the significant fluctuation in this daily volume. This volatility can be attributed to several factors, including game launches, promotions, and player engagement, all of which can affect transaction activity.

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