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🚀TrendX Financing Daily News 04/08/2024

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Amount: $1.85 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: April 6

Investors: Marshland Capital, 369 Capital, 8VC, HyperNest, Mako

Category: DeFi, DEX

Description: QuantAMM is a decentralized exchange designed to provide superior on-chain liquidity. The QuantAMM brand is centered around two key principles in quantitative finance and our protocol: fund composability and the temporal nature of portfolio theory.



【2】Master Protocol

Amount: $25 million

Stages: Seed round

Date: April 7

Investors: Cogitent Ventures, Token Metrics, CSP DAO, Founderheads

Category: Repledge, DeFi, LSD

Description: Master Protocol is a modularized restaking protocol that is targeting to encompass all LSTs in different chains. The protocol acts as a pivotal layer, streamlining interactions and transactions within the Bitcoin network. It aggregates users and assets, enabling more fluid exchanges and interactions within the ecosystem.



About TrendX

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