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What GenZ Invested In: 2022

The Symmetrical is a genZ DAO defining internet culture for a new generation.

With 35 members and a goal to pool capital to invest in on-chain assets, share knowledge and resources, and make friends along the way, we launched our first 6-month season in April 2022.

At the time of our launch, the crypto market was booming and many projects were seen as the future of the industry. Solana was the new ETH, Axie Infinity was the future of Play-to-Earn, and Decentraland and The SandBox were the future of the metaverse. It was a time when the possibilities of crypto seemed endless.

However, the market took a turn for the worse with interest rates rising and the crashes of Luna and 3AC further exacerbating the downturn. Despite the challenges, we remained focused on our goal and adapted our strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

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We didn't yet know the full extent of the market downturn, but we knew that we needed to be extremely cautious and conservative when deploying capital. We made the decision to invest in projects with strong communities and compelling use cases, deploying smaller checks in order to minimize risk.

Among our investments were $LOOKS, $LRC, $HNT, $ETH and $MATIC. Our biggest bets, which have proven to be our biggest winners, were MATIC (+15%) and ETH (+25%). While we are currently down on some of our smaller investments, we remain optimistic about their future potential once market conditions improve.

We launched Season 2 in October and still maintain a cautious approach. After investing in tokens, we spun up an SPV for Disco, the data backpack for the metaverse. By doing this, we took the next step in our DAO’s strategy and invested in startup equity.

As we continued to evaluate the market, we came to the conclusion that our niche was web3 x consumer. GenZ is the first digital native generation, making it obvious that we are a huge consumer for web3 products. Because we are made up of now 60 genZ members who are users of these new products, The Symmetrical is a powerful tool for product feedback.

This is why we have expanded our offerings to Consulting, GenZ Consulting to be precise. Not only do we offer product feedback but also talent hiring, research, promotion, community building, and fundraising support. We help startups reach product-market fit. Read more on GenZ Consulting →

Overall, the first season of The Symmetrical was a challenging one, but we are confident that our conservative approach has set us up for success in the future. We will continue to monitor market conditions closely and adjust our strategy as needed to make the most of every investment opportunity. With 80% of our treasury ready to deploy, we are poised to take advantage of the next bull run. Join us as we continue to shape internet culture for a new generation.

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