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Get Paid In Crypto - AVC

Coinbase launched the first in a series of payroll offerings:

Proud of the team for continuing to roll out new product innovations at a rapid pace. Our US customers can now deposit a portion of their paycheck into @Coinbase as crypto or USD. Another great way to keep growing your participation in the cryptoeconomy. https://t.co/vy81VhxvGn

— Surojit (@surojit) January 31, 2022

If your employer offers direct deposit, you can deposit some or all of your paycheck in your Coinbase account and immediately convert it into USDC, BTC, ETH or any other asset that is available to you in your Coinbase account.

This is just a first step in a broader set of payroll products for employers and DAOs.

I’ve always been a fan of “averaging into crypto” instead of trying to time the market. I wrote about this back in 2014 when I was buying 1.5 Bitcoin every week. That was back when you could buy a bitcoin for several hundred dollars.

But regardless of how much you can buy, the idea is to just have a regular buy program going on.

Putting some of your paycheck into crypto is a good way to do that and Coinbase now offers that to all of its users.