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4EVERLAND_D: Facilitate Web3 developers BUIDL on top of decentralized storage

Hi D_D community I’m Max from 4EVERLAND, #4070 of D_D as well.

As a community member I am so proud to have witnessed the development of the community and many promising projects start from here.

The project I work on, 4EVERLAND, is a Web3 cloud computing platform. It is created to make a wide range of Web3 developers use decentralized storage and gateway in a convenient manner.

I’m very glad that 4EVERLAND and D_D community established a partnership to facilitate Web3 devs of D_D build on decentralized storage.

4EVERLAND has snapshot all D_D NFT addresses who get more than 400 $Code at 1pm November 30, 2022, and giveaway an exclusive 100GB IPFS storage + 1GB Arweave storage perk for each eligible user! Welcome to check and claim the perk via

4EVERLAND Reward Hub

4EVERLAND give each user free 6GB~25GB IPFS, 100MB Arweave and 100GB bandwidth + 250 build mins per month as well. With the perk, you could get 125GB IPFS and 1.1GB Arweave storage capacity!

If you need more resources to support your project, welcome to submit the form!, we are always happy to support projects with reasonable needs.

What can you accomplish in 4EVERLAND?

4EVERLAND now is free to use 6G~25GB IPFS, 100MB Arweave and 100GB bandwidth + 250 build mins per month. With the perk, you will get 105GB IPFS and 1.1GB Arweave storage capacity! You can use these resources to:

4EVERLAND is the only platform and CI/CD tool that allows devs to deploy the frontend in both IPFS, Arweave and Dfinity, 3 different decentralized storage and network layers.

Meanwhile, the hosted website will enjoy the global acceleration service by 4EVERLAND gateway.

4EVERLAND Bucket service is 100% compatible with S3, it allows you to upload, manage and sync files to IPFS and Arweave under the most friendly usage.

  • Global acceleration access

4EVERLAND gateway nodes are distributed among the world and ensure a good access experience for all users. No matter its IPFS public gateway node: or dedicated gateway, we give our best experience for our users. Welcome to test If you have a sort of IPFS gateway needs.

Overall speaking, if you need decentralized storage and gateway service, try 4EVERLAND!

Feel free to join our Discord channel: or directly contact with me:

I appreciate and proud as a community member to support D_D.

Happy Buidl! Cheers!