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Join the Onchain Summer Buildathon

TLDR. We’re inviting builders around the world to join the Onchain Summer Buildathon, with 200 ETH in total prizes and sponsors including Stripe, Shopify, Farcaster, Zora, Fleek, thirdweb, Nouns, Aerodrome, and Synthetix.

To kickoff Onchain Summer, we’re sponsoring one of the largest global online hackathons ever, dedicated to bringing the world onchain. From May 31st - June 30th we want you to show us what’s possible across payments, commerce, gaming, social, and more.

200 ETH across 8 sponsored tracks and a bonus pool

The Buildathon (managed by Devfolio) has eight tracks covering some of the fastest-growing onchain use cases today. Each track offers 20 ETH in total rewards, with 2-10 winning teams selected from each track. We’re looking for experiences that make it easy for anyone to get onchain in the following categories:

  1. PAYMENTS with Stripe: Build easy to use consumer payment experiences.

  2. DISCOVERY with Fleek: Develop compelling apps using the Onchain Summer Registry that help people find things to do onchain.

  3. CREATOR with Zora: Create new and imaginative ways for onchain creativity to thrive with projects that help people create, discover, curate, and collect.

  4. SOCIAL with Farcaster: Bring people together with social experiences that harness the potential of being onchain.

  5. GAMING with thirdweb: Build onchain games with a focus on fun and mainstream adoption.

  6. COMMERCE with Shopify: Create compelling commerce experiences for merchants with URL<> IRL tie-ins, like affiliate or loyalty programs that come alive onchain.

  7. UNPLUGGED with Nouns:  Make a real world impact by mixing the IRL<>URL, with a focus on community engagement and real-world impact.

  8. TRADING with Aerodrome and Synthetix: Develop innovative trading and investing experiences like DeFi primitives with app interoperability.

In addition to the track rewards, we’re adding a bonus pool of 40 ETH for builders using the following tools to superpower their onchain apps: Coinbase Smart Wallet, Coinbase Verifications, Coinbase Paymaster, and OnchainKit.

For builders who integrate Smart Wallet, we’ll offer up to $15k in additional gas credits to eligible recipients through the Base Gasless Campaign and the chance to be featured on the official Onchain Summer page in July.

Find even more opportunities on Bountycaster, or post your own bounties.

Are you a builder looking for your next challenge? Take a look at the community-hosted bounties on Bountycaster to see if there's something you want to build.

Bounties on Bountycaster are completely decentralized and community-run. Bounty hosts will design the bounty, review the submissions, and manage the payouts. Is there a project you want to see onchain that hasn't been built yet? Post a bounty yourself.

Just build it

Ready to start building? Make it official by joining the Onchain Summer Buildathon on Devfolio.

  1. Complete your profile and follow the prompts, including staking a small amount of ETH (0.002) which you will get back upon submitting your project

  2. May 31: Start building

  3. June 30: Submissions due

  4. July 8 - 12: Judging: Each track will be judged by a panel consisting of the track sponsors alongside Base and community members

  5. July 16: Winners announced

  6. Remainder of July: Community review of winning projects, KYC, and payouts

For more details on team size, resources, and prizes, visit Devfolio.

Rewards all summer long

  • Rounds grants on /base-builds: Get rewarded for building in public by posting to /base-builds on Warpcast. Share what you’re building on Base and earn a share of up to 5 ETH reward pools. Whether it’s apps, creative projects, videos, memes, or something else, no project is too small or too early.

  • Base Builder Grants: We’re continuing on grants program through Onchain Summer to ensure that builders are recognized for their contributions. We’ve awarded close to 300 ETH to date through Builder Grants, and we can’t wait to see more creativity come onchain. Learn more about Builder Grants.

Build with us this Summer

We love being onchain, but we also love being in-person with builders. This summer, we invite you to connect with your communities onchain and IRL. If you’re interested in bringing fellow builders together, share ideas, or ideate on your projects — apply for a meetup grant.

We invite builders from all around the world to join the Onchain Summer Buildathon. Wherever you are, you can help make coming onchain more accessible, useful, and fun for everyone around the world. This summer, we’re laying the foundation for the next generation of the internet—together.

Register for the Buildathon today and join us in making onchain the next online.