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Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFTs: An Essential Guide

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Data Source: Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFT Collection Dashboard

Gas Hero is an interactive Web3 strategy game that emphasizes social interaction and is integrated within the FSL ecosystem, leveraging its native token, GMT. In this game, players can collect and customize Hero NFTs with various weapons and pets, and embark on quests to accumulate in-game resources. The Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFT collection is one of the Gas Hero gamification NFTs.

About Gas Hero Badge from STEPN

The Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFT Collection represents a unique crossover within the digital asset space, where badges originally part of the STEPN platform have transitioned into the Gas Hero ecosystem. Holders of the Gas Hero x STEPN Badge are required to transfer, or ‘bridge,’ their assets from the Solana blockchain to the Polygon network. This process is facilitated through MOOAR, the designated marketplace for such transactions. By bridging these badges, users can integrate them within the Gas Hero world, allowing them to take advantage of the benefits and utilities offered in this new environment.

Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFT Collection

Who is behind Gas Hero Badge from STEPN

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) is a web3 product development studio experiencing significant growth. The team at FSL is driven by a vision to create a diverse array of Web3 products that hold relevance and utility in people’s daily lives. With a forward-looking approach, FSL positions itself as a catalyst for the global transition towards Web3, focusing on the development of user-centric and accessible Web3 applications.

The studio’s portfolio includes the creation of StepN, a movement-based fitness application, MOOAR, an NFT marketplace, and DOOAR, a decentralized trading platform. With the introduction of Gas Hero, FSL takes a bold step into the realm of gaming, signaling a departure from the straightforward, fitness-centric Stepn. Gas Hero is conceptualized to feature a rich sci-fi universe, complete with its own expansive lore. This move indicates FSL’s ambition to extend the gaming experience into broader storytelling mediums, such as comic books, underscoring their commitment to building immersive and engaging Web3 environments.

Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFT Collection Data

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Source: Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFTs — Daily Trading Volume by Marketplaces

Footprint Analytics has noted substantial upticks in the daily trade volumes of the Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFTs coinciding with the game’s community testing phase in December 2023.

  • User Behavior

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Source: Gas Hero Badge from STEPN NFTs — Daily Holders, Sellers and Buyers

Footprint Analytics has noted active user engagement with Gas Hero Badge NFTs during the game’s community testing phase.

You can check all the Gas Hero NFTs data here.


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