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PartyDAO Updates: June 1, 2021

Here’s a brief digest of what went down in PartyDAO over the past week.

Smart contract development

The initial draft of PartyBid V1 is now complete! Anna, our lead solidity developer, got a ton accomplished over the past week, going from zero to a completed first draft. The code is now being reviewed by our other solidity developers, Arpit, Graeme, and Steve.

We'll continue to make improvements throughout next week in parallel with design and frontend work.


Design work has officially kicked off! Last week, Kiran began sharing some initial ideas in a public Figma file, which led to lots of exploration. Callil, who's leading design for PartyBid V1, threw a bunch of ideas together over the weekend and added tons of references to our Inspo page.

Then, last night, PartyDAO hosted our first live design session, where members chatted via Discord audio while working together in an open Figma file. We focused on the live auction view, which led to lots of good ideas around edge cases, information hierarchy, and creative layouts.

Over the next week, Callil and the rest of the team will get the PartyBid V1 designs to an initial draft state, where they can be reviewed by PartyDAO members.

Launch planning and publicity

PartyDAO member Danny Aranda took the lead on some launch planning this week, with lots of people contributing ideas in our #launch-ideas channel. Danny has put together an initial launch plan, which synthesizes all of the various initiatives and publicity efforts we'll working on in the lead up to our product launch.

First and foremost, a PartyDAO podcast by the name of "Block Party" will be recorded this week, featuring three members of PartyDAO and their thoughts on the past few weeks.

Separately, multiple DAO members are currently writing blog posts related to PartyDAO's product, organization, and philosophy.

One cool thing about a DAO is that its vision is crafted and shared by all of its members, even without strict coordination. It’s been cool to see lots of people talking about PartyDAO publicly on Twitter this week. Keep it up!

Frontend development

Frontend development will begin once V1 designs are in a decent draft state. We’re hoping to be there by early next week.

Stay tuned

That's it for this week. Stay tuned at @prtyDAO on Twitter for more updates.