Wall of Text

Posted on Apr 28, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz


I am a gangtrepreneur. I am a growth industry. I am a job artist. I am an inedible Hulk. I am the creature from the feature.

I have a gigantic checklist. I have an erotic interest. I have a jackmatic doublewide aroma. I have a cherry-red outer aura.

I am a weeping King Kong. I am an infovirus. I am the blank in the gun in your mouth. I am an antimatter superstar.

I have the good ship Jesus. I have candy apples. I have sexaholic exit wounds. I have Skeezix tied spread-eagle in the fallout shelter.

I am not your father's whiny God. I am the Dracula's handsome puppeteer. I am the candy-colored trepanator.

I have bullets for Broadway. I have a dirty ding-a-ling. I have Excalibur in the trunk. I have the pink slips for Big Sky Country.

I am a villainhero. I am a sufferin’ succotash. I am a people-powered perineum.